operations managers

Lately, the number of vacancies for operations managers with customer relationship management skills has significantly increased. Operations manager role is vital since such specialists make sure that their company’s customers needs are met and exceeded. They play a significant role since they also oversee the budget, production of services or products, as well as involved in establishing sales and income goals.

Tips On Hiring Operations Manager

What does an operations manager do? He/she is responsible for guaranteeing that company operations are successful in the sense of using all the necessary resources and fruitful as to meeting customer demands. The main duties of an operations manager are planning, organizing and supervising in such directions as production, manufacturing or the services delivery. A skilled operations manager ensures the well-being of the company. Besides, he/she must be able to see a big picture, determine needs and solve problems. 

So what are the skills HR should look for in a potential operations manager? He or she should be able to

  • create and manage budget
  • implement training 
  • follow marketing trends
  • purchase software for better productivity 
  • review employees performance 
  • comply with safety and regulations

Here it is worth noting that an experienced operations manager with CRM skills can add even more significant value to the business. What is CRM? It stands for customer relationship management and it’s a system that helps to manage customer data. A greatly working CRM system aims to develop and improve relationships between companies and their consumers. It is a software that features strategies, processes and technologies that help to attract customers and develop long-lasting relationships with them. CRM system like Creatio.com is a prime example of the way to value an organization, enable better decision making and improve relationships with customers. However, to make sure that a system responds all the company’s expectations, a skilled operations manager is needed. The right candidate for operations manager vacancy should not only define CRM but know why it’s important for businesses and what features it provides. 

Moreover, hiring an operations manager, HR should look for a candidate with excellent writing and communication skills, presentable appearance, and gravitas. A potential operations manager should be able to show confidence and credibility. 

When hiring an operations manager, HR should find a person who he/she has a good understanding with since operations managers and HR managers usually work together in order to hire and train new members. Together HR managers and operations managers must be able to establish the workflow and reassign tasks in order to ensure the highest productivity of the company. 

For an HR it’s important to review resumes of potential candidates carefully since all the background and skills are usually given in resume. An interview will confirm the candidate’s knowledge, skills and awareness of future tasks. 

A good prospect should combine technical and soft skills. To understand how ethical and effective a person can be in an offered position, it’s important to go beyond standard questions and launch a conversation. It will help HR to reveal more about the candidate’s communication skills, ability to engage and motivate others, as well as being responsible.

HR must be able to describe a person he/she is looking for. It’s a good tip for an HR to think of people who have been or are successful in the business. An HR should write down the list of “red flags” to define what candidates are unsuitable. This will help to save time and meet people who have better chances and whose skills tick all boxes. 


To keep pace with current realities, companies seek professional, ambitious and experienced operations managers with CRM skills preferably with a degree in management, business, finance, or marketing. By reviewing a person’s capabilities and conducting a conversation without standard questions, HR should be able to find the best candidate for the position. All the tasks that a good operations manager implements should aim to meet customers needs. 

Image source: unsplash.com