Finding the Right People: Overcoming Common Recruitment Hurdles

Recruitment is one of the most important yet challenging aspects of running any business. Without the ability to find the right people, businesses will not be as easily able to grow and innovate.

Below is a guide for companies that are looking to overcome common recruitment hurdles and find the talent they need.


Communication can be one of the biggest hurdles in recruiting. Recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers may not have a clear picture of what they’re really looking for because they aren’t given enough information. Combating this requires solid communication about what purpose a position will fill. In addition, candidates get justifiably upset when companies do not respond to them in a timely manner, if at all, yet companies often don’t because they struggle to manage all the applications they receive.

To improve your company’s reputation among job seekers, respond to each applicant, even if they were rejected flat out or the response is a form letter. Job seekers will respect you for that, even if they did not get the position. Be sure to follow up promptly after interviews as well.


Scheduling is a significant headache for recruiters and hiring managers. Fortunately, technology is making it easier to handle the scheduling that goes along with recruiting. Everyone involved in the hiring process can sync their calendars for communal viewing, which makes scheduling interviews easier. It also shows hiring managers available time slots they can allow interviewees to choose from.

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Try not to give just one possible time to a candidate. You will waste time going back and forth with them if that time doesn’t work. Try and give them several options instead.

Applicant Overload

Having too many applicants apply for a position is a common problem for modern companies. This is largely thanks to a still sluggish job market and the ability to submit applications electronically. Again, technology can help solve this problem.

Applicant tracking systems have been used for years to automatically discard resumes that are obviously unqualified for the position. Hiring managers can also handle applicant overload by pacing themselves and setting aside time to go through resumes for a designated amount of time each day. Pacing yourself prevents the applicants from blending together and helps you make smarter hiring decisions. Reviewing applications as they come in is ideal.

Looking In The Right Places

If a hiring manager or recruiter are not looking in the right places, they are not going to find the right people for the job. Searching on social media to contact job seekers directly and posting on industry-specific job sites is likely to be more effective than listing ads on the massive job boards.

On sites like LinkedIn, for example, you can look specifically for candidates who have experience with a defense training management system. Hiring an outside dedicated recruiter can ensure you are looking in the right places. This gives your own employees more time to focus on their jobs and puts your recruiting process in the hands of a professional who knows the best places to look for talent.

Problems With Selling The Job

If you are consistently disappointed with the quality of candidates who show interest in your job ads, there are a number of reasons why that could be. The first is inadequate compensation. If your company is offering pay below the average for the area or offering stingy benefits, the best people will go elsewhere.

If your company cannot afford to pay a higher salary, consider offering greater benefits and fun perks that could make up for the lower pay. It could also be that whoever is representing your company is not connecting to your candidates very well. Recruiting relies heavily on interpersonal skills. If your recruiter is not doing a good job, consider hiring someone else. If a manager at your company is having difficulty interacting with candidates, consider hiring a recruiter.

Common recruitment hurdles can be overcome by identifying them and then taking actionable steps to fix whatever shortcoming might be present. The advice presented above will hopefully help your company alleviate any recruitment problems it may have and start finding the right talent for each position. Streamline your recruitment process to make it easier on your recruiter, your hiring managers and your candidates alike.

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