A Hiring Manager’s Dream: The HireHelper 3000

If you want to make hiring easier, if you’re tired of sorting through millions of resumes, and if you can’t stand another “what is your biggest weakness” question, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re reading this, you’ve found the revolutionary technology that’s helping companies find perfect matches for all their new hires. The HireHelper 3000 eliminates the need to sit through boring interviews with hundreds of candidates. It takes away the guessing from hiring. You’ll find the most qualified candidates in a fraction of the time.

The HireHelper 3000 calculates all candidates and their hiring scores. The higher the score, the better the candidate. The HireHelper 3000 also helps you tell when people are lying on their resumes. While sifting through hundreds of candidates, the HireHelper is programmed with an algorithm that can deduce the truth.

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Each resume is given a score from 0 to 100. The closer a resume scores to 100, the closer the individual fits what your company is looking for. When the HireHelper 3000 finds a perfect match, it shoots off confetti and chimes, alerting you to the perfect candidate. (Just make sure you don’t put the HireHelper near anyone with a heart condition.)

Hiring the right people is a difficult task. It’s nice to have a lot of options to choose from, but pushing through multiple interviews and potential employees can create massive headaches and stress for hiring managers. According to Glassdoor, the average job posting brings in about 250 resumes. Of the 250 resumes, 4-6 will be interviewed, and one will get the job offer.

Once you’ve successfully navigated the monstrous pile of resumes you’ve collected, you need to sort through them and choose people to bring in for an interview (This is where the HireHelper 3000 would really come in handy). Glassdoor also reports that the average time to fill a position is 52 days, with the interview process taking 22.9 days. Talk about a waste of time! On top of all that time, they also note that the average US company spends $4,000 to fill an open position. With so much time and money at stake, it’s important you keep the hiring process moving as quickly and effectively as possible.

Knowing how to structure an interview makes the interviewing process go a lot smoother. You don’t want to spend your time interviewing people who aren’t serious about the job, or who spend time in the interview on the phone with their mom. Instead, start the interview by having the candidate bring in a sample of their previous work. This will show you right from the beginning the quality of the candidate you’re looking at.

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The HireHelper 3000 doesn’t need to ask questions to determine an interviewee’s cognitive ability. It’s pre-programmed algorithm allows it to intuitively understand the how the candidate thinks. Without the HireHelper 3000, most hiring managers ask arbitrary or ambiguous questions to throw the interviewee off and see how they react to the stress of the interview. Instead, ask questions that have a definitive right or wrong answer. These questions easily highlight raw intelligence and learning ability in a candidate.

When you interview for any job, it’s critical that you really understand the job you’re interviewing for. Interviewing someone with the right skills for the job is important, but skills can be taught in training later on. Finding someone who fits exactly what you need is often a more important, but often overlooked point.

It’s also important that you ask the same questions in every interview. This provides the best measure of candidates against others, and will really help you nail down the interview and find the right candidate as quickly and pain-free as possible.

If you have a HireHelper 3000, it can take away the stress from finding and interviewing potential employees. If you don’t, structure your job interview, and stick to it. Learn what you actually want in an employee and find it in the right people. You can figure all this out without relying on a machine that reads resumes. Make your interviews personable, and make them count.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably guessed that the HireHelper 3000 doesn’t actually exist. Fortunately, The Computer Merchant does. At The Computer Merchant we help you find the perfect candidate, and we work quickly to meet your unique needs. We bring 38 years of delivery experience and a culture of accountability and results to every client we serve.   Let us take the stress out of staffing your IT needs, since we haven’t built the HireHelper 3000… yet.

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