5 Solutions for Hiring During Busy Season

When it’s your job to hire and recruit exceptional talent, you know the ins and outs of the business change with the wind. It’s a fast-paced world in which your job is to find the best of the best and provide those outstanding candidates to clients in need of someone with those skills.

It takes a great deal of time and dedication to find someone good enough to fit the needs of your clients on any given day, but it’s especially difficult when you’re doing it in the midst of the busy season. If you’re struggling to find solutions for hiring during busy season, you’re going to appreciate these tips.

Use Mobile Strategies

Mobile strategies are some of the most efficient tools imaginable. Using mobile strategies allows you to hire like a professional, and it’s one of the most under-utilized tools. Millennials rely on mobile technology more than any other industry, and that’s one of those things people forget to consider. Old-school hiring processes are not always the processes that work most often in this industry during this time.

Using mobile-based resources to find the most talent can help you find candidates you might not otherwise find. Be sure job openings, positions, and recruitment opportunities are available online and on other mobile sources so they’re being seen by everyone. Mobile recruitment processes are some of the most beneficial in the industry.

Reach Out to College-Level Applicants

They’re young, they’re engaged, and they’re enthusiastic about the way their life is going as they approach the date close to graduation. These are the applicants who’ve yet to fill a professional position, who’ve yet to finalize their resume, and who are ready to be trained and placed. They’re more likely to put forth their best foot and take advantage of learning new jobs because they’ve never had one before.

These are the people who need the experience to move up and who need a chance to pay off their student loan debt as graduation approaches. This young talent is what many companies are looking for, and it makes hiring during the busy season a bit easier. Let the young talent come in and learn.

Search Your Team for Leaders

The busy season is one of the most difficult in terms of hiring, but one of the most beneficial solutions for hiring during the busy season is simply to search your existing team for under-utilized talent.

When you do this, you’re able to find people who are trainable and good at what they do so that the need to fill an empty position becomes a bit easier. When you have someone else to rely on during this timeframe, you’re able to focus more efficiently on the hiring process rather than worrying about how to get it all done at once.

Search for Unique Talent

One way to find the best possible candidate for a position within your company is to look and think outside the box. When finding the talent you need and want isn’t working the way you’d hoped, try looking elsewhere. Are you a magazine looking for a new fashion writer? Instead of looking to previous magazine writers, get online and look at bloggers with a knack for words and an eye for style. Are you a tech company in need of a new support person but cannot find one? Look online for people who have tech experience working in other industries such as banking and even local school districts.

Sometimes the best candidates are the ones you don’t see coming. They don’t work in your field, they don’t have experience in the same industry, but they do have experience with the same job. When your company is able to look outside the lines for talent that’s a good fit, you often find people who become a major asset to your company when you least expect it.

Offer A Bonus

Money talks, and it can speak a lot louder than anything else during the busy season. A talented new candidate is more likely to accept your offer and work for your company when you offer something they can’t find somewhere else. Bonuses aren’t always easy to come by, but they’re very persuasive. The most persuasive bonus when you’re in need of real talent is a cash bonus for signing onto a company. To ensure your talented new hire doesn’t leave for another company after collecting that bonus, simply create an addendum in their contract stating they cannot leave for a certain period of time.

When you offer a bonus, you entice people to want to come to work for you. They want cash, they want paid vacation, and they won’t hesitate to take a year of paid health insurance if that’s what you’re offering. It can be as creative or as simple as you wish, but offering a bonus is one of the best ways to encourage the most talented recruits to submit their resume.

These solutions for hiring during busy season are not always guaranteed, but they’re always helpful. You can pick and choose the ones that work best for you and your industry, but don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines a bit when you go through this. It’s sometimes the most innovative techniques that allow you to find the best of the best when it’s busy and you’re in need of someone immediately.

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About the author:

Addison Jenning is an HR Manager and a productivity-driven employer. She never gets tired of emphasizing how important is the culture of a company and she always tries to find new ways of improving the one she works in. Also, she writes and edits articles for JobDescriptionsWiki, hoping that her work will help individuals find the right career path.

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