The job market can be challenging if you’re on the hunt for a new talent addition to your company. Sponsoring your job posts and fumbling through hundreds of applications, but still not getting the right talent is quite disappointing.

Though there are many job boards available, you have got to consider the type of audience on each site, alongside the available features and cost of posting a job. However, not everything is lost if you have no cash to spend or you don’t want to take the risk. Therefore, we have rounded up the best free job sites for employees, where you can post your job without spending a penny.

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Talentprise is one of the best free job posting sites that handpicks great talent for your company. Unlike other job boards, your post doesn’t go public because Talentprise leverages artificial intelligence to selectively target only qualified candidates, saving you time.

Their advanced algorithms analyze the candidates’ qualifications and job descriptions and pick those candidates that meet your ideal persona. You will be notified when an applicant applies while also having the ability to review their talent cards and pause or stop the post whenever you want. With free, simple, and effective job posting features, Talentprise is the right platform for employers to post jobs in minutes. 


With over 300 million unique monthly visitors, Indeed is currently one of the most popular employee and job search engines. Employers can post a job without spending money as Indeed offers a free job posting, applicant tracking, and applicant screening system.

Though the free version offers significant visibility to your job advertisement, sponsored job posts entail plenty of advanced features, such as 100+ customizable and pre-made skill assessments that will help you simplify your recruitment process. 


Ladders, a renowned corporate recruiting platform allows 10 free job posts in a month. With a diverse pool of talented and highly educated 10 million plus curated members, Ladders is a perfect place to look for candidates for high-paying and executive positions. Moreover, the free applicant tracking systems make managing potential applicants a breeze. 

Though you can post your job without any cost, its promoted price plan will keep your post on the top of search results for a period of 8 weeks that can make a big difference to your recruitment in terms of the time it saves. 


SimplyHired is a free job aggregator that posts your jobs on its own platform as well as shares them with 100 job boards without any cost. You will get an email alert every time an applicant applies for your job. 

Though you post ads for free, its pay-to-contact policy obligates you to pay a price when you choose to contact the shortlisted candidates. Moreover, all the job posts are prescreened, which indicates that not every job site, job type, or hiring agency can freely post on this platform.


Guru is another great technical hub for employers to find freelancers. You can freely access the global pool of talented professionals for your tasks and projects. Additionally, the platform offers a dedicated WorkRoom for every job, where you can communicate, collaborate, and track the applicants.

You can post your open job for free on Guru. However, you are charged a handling fee of 2.9% for every invoice. If you use a wire-transfer of e-cheque, you can get 100% cashback on this handling fee.


OptimHire is another great recruiting platform for employers to post open jobs for free. With OptimHire, you can quickly access a talent pool of more than 60 million candidates, from which you can hire full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers.

The 2-month free trial along with $1 million insurance coverage is a sight to sore eyes for those who do not want to invest in their job posting. Beside free job posting options, OptimHire can also provide you with a hiring manager, interviews, invoicing, instant chat, and many other features. 


Jora is another great source of getting top talent without spending a penny. This search engine sources job posts from its partner job boards. It also features a free tracking system and career listings on companies’ websites that are publicly accessible.

You can post up to 10 job opportunities for free in one month, which will subsequently give you access to millions of qualified candidates. The job post will remain visible for 28 days and Jora usually redirects candidates to the original source of the job post.


Jobvertise is another one of the best free job posting sites that supports half a million recruiters to find talent. Jobvertise boasts 1.5 million resumes in its database that you can access when you sign up for an account. 

Its basic plan offers free job posting and free resume views. The only limitation is that you have only five days to view the job applications. For better results, you can opt for its multiple paid plans that you can choose based on your budget. 


Wellfound is well-suited to finding employees for startups. You can post a job for free on Wellfound, using its starter package. One distinctive quality of wellfound is that it does not limit the number of job posts that you can post for free.

Besides unlimited access to free job posts, the platform offers a free Applicant Tracking System to track the candidates and streamline your requirements. Moreover, it gives you the ability to create your company’s profile and to process inbound applicants. Moreover, you can view assessment data and leverage collaborative tools. Though there is so much with the free version, the sponsored job post spruces up your recruitment process by giving you an unconfined access to advanced candidate filters and helpful assessments.

Final Words

Thanks to free job posting sites, you can hunt for great talent for your company without any financial boundaries. These job posting sites have both free and sponsored plans, so you can choose which options suit your budget.

Though free job posting gets you significant attention and plenty of tracking and optimizing tools, the sponsored jobs posts are equipped with features that have immense capability to quickly find the right talent for your company. If you want immediate hiring or are looking for candidates for hard-to-fill positions, unlock the sponsored features of a job board to immediately find the qualified candidates for your open position.