New generations – New roles – New employee retention strategies

There have always been generation gaps in the workplace. Yet businesses seem to be more and more concerned about gen Y entering the labor market and changing the rules of the game. The biggest challenge

17 Employee Engagement Lessons from Game of Thrones

Is your office turning into King’s Landing every Monday morning? By now it doesn’t even matter if you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, your employees most probably are.If you want to avoid disciplinary

The difference between employee happiness and employee engagement

A hot topic for HR and Business chats lately, the difference between engagement and happiness has stirred up many opinions. Through our extensive research and data analysis on the matter, we’ve come to the conclusion

Getting employees aligned behind a customer-focused strategy

In this Renaissance of business models, the customer has become the center of corporate strategies. We’re so interconnected and hyper-connected 24/7 that it’s impossible to sustain long-term success and growth without happy customers. So what

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