Human capital is the most valuable resource for any business, whether it is a start-up or a huge enterprise. Therefore, HR software for startups is necessary to streamline the entire process of managing personnel. There are a number of corporate procedures that may be streamlined with the help of a human resource (HR) software.

This means it is responsible for handling the whole employee lifetime, from the recruiting of applicants through their retirement. Small firms and startups, on the other hand, must look for a cost-effective and flexible HR software solution.

HR software, developed by top software development companies, which can manage these issues with ease is regarded as the finest software. Naturally, they are designed to decrease mistakes and hazards, streamline HR processes, reduce money and effort, as well as assist you expand your organisation.

Top 10 HR Softwares For Your Startup

Thanks to the variety of software solutions that have now been made available in India. Companies can now streamline the procedure of their HR Management. Given below are the top 10 HR Software’s for Startups in India that you might want to have a look into. 

1. GreytHR

For small and medium enterprises across a wide range of sectors, there’s GreytHR, a one-stop-shop for all things HR. This cloud-based solution ensures that your staff have access to the system from anywhere they have internet connection.

Many HR operations are automated, and employees have access to their own employee site. There is no need to wait until the end of the day to check on the status of their leaves.

2. GoCo

Start-up and small enterprises are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s expertise in human resources (HR). A greater emphasis will be placed on essential procedures in order for the expansion to be successful in all areas. Evidently, the manner this company does business is what sets it apart. To fulfil its customers’ demands, GoCo offers full flexibility and customisation. Aside from that, GoCo offers a variety of items based on your needs and wants.

3. PeopleWorks

HR software for startups, PeopleWorks promises to increase staff efficiency. Automating the applicant selection process in this top HRMS (human resource management system) streamlines the laborious recruiting and onboarding process.

Geo-based attendance monitoring is one of the most intriguing features of this software, which allows you to keep track of your distant employee’s attendance in real-time.

4. Qandle 

Startups love Qandle’s sophisticated recruitment tools, which are hosted in the cloud. An intuitive applicant tracking system is provided, along with a link that may be shared with job boards.

Or to put it another way, it guarantees that the appropriate people for the right jobs get hired. And the Qandle Assistant, an artificial chatbot, gets the job done swiftly. By asking the chatbot, you may find out the status of your leave balances, request leave, raise help desk complaints, and much more without having to wait for a human response.

5. sumHR

In order to keep productivity under check, sumHR offers a swivelling performance appraisal system. Ayurveda, Instant Pay and Johari are among the firms who utilise sumHR to improve their HR processes.

It is well-known for its well-organized reinstatement, which includes Orientation and training and departure inspections. A unified database also makes it easy for workers to retrieve various regulations.

6. HR Mantra 

HR Mantra is an award-winning HR software that has been used to configure millions of HR policies for organisations. Every day, it saves each employee 30 minutes, allowing them to spend more time on strategic planning. 

There was a tenfold increase in return on investment. There’s also an automated code generator that streamlines the entire onboarding process using alphabets or bar codes. Each employee’s contact information is stored in a centralized database. It is by far the best software developed by top software agencies.

7. ZingNEO

It is an AI-driven human resource technology that seeks to expedite corporate growth through the use of human capital. An 18+ year subject knowledge has been included into this startup HR solution. There is a clear real-time view of numerous HR operations, enabling us to make wise and educated decisions based on the information you have.

8. Keka HRMS

Start-ups in India may take use of Keka HRMS, a full HR solution. Your HR staff may devote considerable time planning with the help of this virtualized technology, which automates boring activities like employee data input or the onboarding process. Aside from that, its research tool gives actionable insights to boost the productivity inside the organisation.

9. Zoho People

A simple yet effective HR solution for startups in India is Zoho People (formerly known as Zoho HR). A 360-degree HR solution, it interacts seamlessly with other Zoho apps to optimise corporate processes. It’s capacity to assess employee performance by keeping track of their strengths and flaws sets it apart from the competition. A wonderful thing about Zoho People is that it allows you to employ from a variety of sources.

10. CavinHR

CavinHR is a premier HR tool used for startups with a rugged collection of features. It simplifies the whole HR process, includes time monitoring, leave requests management and so much more. Its system offers profound insights into the performance of employees and shows how to boost operational productivity.


As a way to recruit and retain the best personnel in the business, startups must provide a seamless employee experience. Using HR software for startups is one approach to streamline the entire process. Investigate the best HR software for startups and get your business running smoothly! 

Onboarding, payroll, productivity, and development are all essential components of any modern firm. He must be extremely efficient, and even a small blunder might prove to be expensive. A virtualized HR software system, however, can streamline the whole of your Hr activities and provide blunder-free management for your organization.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels