If you ask someone what the HR profession is, most likely there will be no answer or only dry “it’s about people”. On the one hand, it is correct, but HR is more about business processes that are related to people and that are aimed at achieving specific company goals. Whichever side of the profession you are in, the presentation is a very essential tool in attracting people’s interest and distributing certain information. If you are a specialist in your business, you know exactly how important it is to have interesting and useful content to develop such a project. 

Even though the process of creating a presentation seems easy to everyone, there are still many aspects to consider to achieve particular goals. Now we are going to figure out how to work with such a project, what to fill it with and what important rules to follow.

5 Effective Steps to Create a Professional HR Presentation

You have to remember that the HR profession may cover different functions. According to the Australian HR Institute, this profession can have general, specialized and external roles. In this case, the content presentation essence will vary, but the approaches of their delivery will not be too diverse. So, successful steps to achieve the most impactful presentation that could interest the users are the following:

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Identifying the target audience 

It is the first thing you need to know before starting to develop an HR project. Who will be listening to you? What are these people interested in? Why do they need your information? For this purpose, it is recommended to use the effective model AIDA — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Thanks to this strategy you can not only interest and hold the attention of the listeners, but also cause a desire to take certain actions.

Main ideas and objectives of the presentation 

Be sure to think about the key ideas of your project. It is better if you write them down. This way you can clearly understand what you can tell for each sub-point. To be more specific about them, answer the question of what exactly you want to convey to the audience. Writing it down by hand helps your thoughts to pause and better focus on the here and now to comprehend the idea. Remember, the more clearly you shape what you want to get out of your HR presentation, the easier it will be for you to achieve it.

Focus on the presentation content 

The message should be developed step by step. It is worth choosing up to 4 key messages based on the idea and goals you want to convey to your audience. Each of these messages should gradually be reinforced with facts. It is also crucial to include visual content videos, infographics, and pictures in your presentation.  A great choice would also be to use the best PowerPoint templates with infographics. All these will help reinforce your ideas and thoughts.

Presentation rehearsal 

Often a presentation involves not only creating a project but also delivering it. For this, you need good practice, because just to write out the information and make a stylish presentation will not be enough. An insecure presenter who constantly looks at the notes and can not keep up the conversation is a way to fail. 90% of a presentation’s success is determined before the speaker even takes the stand. Remember, you are your presentation. No slide or picture will replace a great speaker for the listeners. Plus, never think ahead about the jokes, and do not rehearse them, because it can spoil the whole impression. It will be an expectation-reality kind of thing.

Service choice 

Nowadays many programs help you to build high-quality and impressive presentations in the shortest possible time. You may choose from Google Slides, Keynote, as well as well-known PowerPoint. Each program has many advantages, and only you choose the most convenient tool. Plus, a big benefit is the presence of a huge number of high-quality pre-made products that facilitate the process of developing presentations. You have at your disposal the best PowerPoint templates, which can be customized to suit your purposes by adding only appropriate images, brief information, and other elements.

The Best Ways to Cheer Up Your HR Presentation

Only eye-catching and high-quality pictures 

The photos used in the presentation should have a smooth and pleasant appearance. But the most important detail: they should be real. If you use team photos, they should be real. It will help deepen the audience into your story and showcase you as a professional. Also, make sure the photos match the content. If you are talking about clients, put their portrait or at least a photo of someone of the same gender, age, and profession. If you are speaking about a working case, take pictures from your company. They should be light and of good quality.

Note! Glassdoor research shows that 58% of people use a smartphone to search for jobs. That is, there is a high chance that your presentation will be viewed from a phone. It means that pictures, infographics and other components should be perfectly viewable on any device. Keep this in mind before picking the presentation graphic.

Use animations and effects 

Yes, some say that this is an outdated technique, but what when it comes to fun? Animations can cheer your audience up and energize them. It will work great for you. It is also important to make sure there is not an overabundance of these components. It is better to have a few great effects than many ridiculous ones.

What to do with fonts? 

This will work if you do not have strict corporate rules. Fonts are divided into standard and custom ones. To bring creativity to the presentation, you may add extraordinary typefaces. But they must correspond to the topic of the project. This way you can emphasize certain aspects and make the audience remember them. Typography is a very important part of the presentation. It can both engage the audience and completely reject it.

Final slide design 

People memorize the first and the last slides most of all. If the title slide still has spark and passion, the last slide is often boring. So, avoid these mistakes and do not forget to pay attention to them. Determine the purpose of the target action of the slide. Do you want the person to contact you after watching the presentation? Depending on this, formulate a call to action. And end it all with a question and answer session.

Final Words

A presentation is one of the most effective ways of reaching clients and delivering certain goals. It is extremely important for HR specialists because it will help to familiarize new workers with this sphere of business, to tell about the main goals, peculiarities of work, etc. Using our tips you will have all chances to build a successful and powerful presentation. Just remember that all information should be dynamic and easy to perceive. Do not forget to make jokes, speak about hot gags. You can also add memes that can lighten the mood. Be relaxed and smile.