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HR professionals work in the field of human resources. With this, it means that the bulk of their job also has to do with ensuring good relationships among individuals. Not only are they in charge of hiring, but they also handle everything related to work relationships in the office. This encompasses the internal team, and in some cases, even dealing also with clients and customers.

With the help of technology, the job of HR professionals is now made easier and also more effective. This is possible through the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software.  When you come to think of it, this software is used by HR professionals in managing the company’s most important asset: the employees, and then next, the clients. Hence, the need to underscore even more the importance of personal CRM.

That said, here’s how HR professionals use personal CRMs to their advantage:

  1. To Provide A Better Interface For HR Professionals To Use

HR professionals have a tough role to play in their jobs. At the minimum, they’ve got to deal with internal problems with employees, and the respective problems that may arise daily in the workplace. With personal CRMs, HR professionals are better able to deal with all these matters in the office. This is made possible through the following features of personal CRM:

  • Online alerts. This online alert is given automatically to the employee concerned when they’ve got an assignment that will soon be due. 
  • Profile management. The HR manager or head uses this to manage all of the profiles of the employees in the office. 
  • Export/import facility. This feature makes it easier for employees to share files with each other, such as office memos, and others.
  • Payment/compensation records. Here, you’ll find information about employee payroll. Detailed information about the wage of the employee will automatically be sent to the email accounts of the employee concerned.
  • Meetings and certifications. This feature makes it easier for respective members of the workforce to schedule and post announcements, such as meetings.
  1. To Create More Customer-Centric Processes

At the core of human resources is creating good relationships. HR personnel also need to apply customer-centric processes, through social and personal CRM, apart from simply focusing on the internal relationships of the team. After all, in business, the core is always to ensure that the customer’s needs and wants are met. Note that human resources form part of the core business processes, alongside marketing, sales, and support. Hence the need for companies to focus on creating more and more customer-centric processes. 

Why is this important? When your HR personnel does all that they can to focus on their customers, businesses can create better and more qualified leads. Additionally, there’s a reduced time spent in sending leads through the whole customer buying cycle. This can help increase sales for the business.

That said, here are other compelling reasons why customer-centricity is vital for businesses:

  • Effort costs are also effectively reduced, as companies now better understand in detail what the needs of their customers are and what the functions are of the products sold to them
  • Competitiveness of the business is increased
  • Creates more loyal customers for the business
  1. To Automate The Recruitment Process

Another one of the bulk of job functions of human resources has to do with recruitment. Today, there are still many companies that go for a manual recruitment system. This will do if you’re in a small company. But, when you’re working for a big business with numerous applicants coming in daily, you’ll need to be more efficient with the entire recruit process.

Through CRM, this is now an option. With these kinds of software processes, the recruitment process speeds up. Hence, no time is wasted, and there’s very little gap from when the applicant first sends their letter and until they’re accepted (or rejected).

Another one of the ways that HR professionals can use CRM in their job is that there’s faster processes in decision-making. With this, you also don’t lose potential excellent candidates for the position, simply because it took you too long to decide.

Here are other ways that CRMs help improve the recruitment process:

  • It enables the HR personnel to have more positive involvement in every step of the process
  • It automatically improves the candidate pool when hiring potential employees
  • It helps to clearly define what the company is looking for
  1. To Improve Their Agility And Flexibility

HR professionals know that they’re moving in an environment where agility and flexibility are needed. No two days at the office are going to be exactly alike. There are good days, while there are also bad ones that require more effort coming in from the team. Especially because this team deals with people, all the more that emphasis needs to be placed in ensuring that they’re able to reach individuals, both members of the team, and clients efficiently.

With a CRM system in place, it’s like having a more robust backbone to support internal processes. This helps reduce all the efforts done for the HR team to make the organization more efficient, manually. With CRM software, it’s also easier for members of the HR team to create good initiatives and solutions from scratch. These can all be applied for the success of the business in entirety.

  1. To Create Better Communication Channels

Another primary task of any HR professional has to do with communication. With the growth and improvements in technology, all the more also that the number of communication channels has grown. Now, HR professionals and the business as a whole have more opportunities in which to communicate with their customers and the entire team.

With poor communication, it’s not only the human resources department that suffers. The business does. Having more communication channels is, in fact, very important, as it creates a better ability to interact with customers and also serve the needs of these clients.

When the number of communication channels in a business increases, all the more that customer relationship management is useful.

  1. To Streamline Talent Management

When you want the best team for your business, you’ve got to set clear and well-defined standards. Here, it’s very important to streamline the talent sourcing programs and to go for recruitment automation, as explained in the first few sections above.

With better talent management programs, companies are able to give themselves the 360-view that they need, within the bounds set by the personal CRM software. Additionally, the HR personnel is also now able to track the responses of the applicant in real-time.


With personal CRM, companies are better able to empower their employees. By this, it pertains to everyone in the workplace, and even more importantly, the frontliners of the organization which are the HR professionals. With CRM in place, all the processes related to human resources are also now more streamlined. Note that HR professionals play a key role in ensuring the success of the company that they work for. Now that they’re able to automate their job and be more efficient, all the more that they’re working as assets for the betterment of the organization.

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