successful recruitment

Every recruiter knows that the hiring process isn’t cheap. The process of hiring a new employee costs us time and money, and right now, you’ve probably got any amount of recruitment processes like interviews and job listings that are bloating your department’s budget. Of course, many of these are integral to successful recruitment. However, with the right tools, we can keep these costs down and create more efficient recruitment practices. There’s a multitude of different recruitment tools available, so let’s take a look at some of the most valuable.


Automation and AI are primed to have a huge impact on a multitude of different industries, and recruitment will be no different. A chatbot is a piece of software that can be programmed to answer questions and carry IM conversations within a specific set of parameters. In recruitment, chatbots can let you quickly respond to candidates’ inquiries out of your office hours, so you never miss a potential new hire. They can also help with screening recruits at the top of the funnel so that you’re not wasting resources on unsuitable hires. Chatbots can also help answer questions recruits might have about a position, which helps keep potential hires engaged and helps them decide if they’re interested in the job. 


Social media has become a new frontier for recruitment, most notably with sites like LinkedIn. However, the sheer volume of profiles available can be intimidating, and you don’t want to be wasting hours sifting through them looking for suitable candidates. This is where Sourcehub proves useful. Sourcehub lets you search through 15 of the biggest social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can search using keywords associated with the position and refine results according to preferred skills and location. Altogether, the ability to search through social profiles with better accuracy should make your recruitment process much more efficient.

Contact Out

Do you ever think you’ve discovered the perfect fit for a role, only for it to seem like they’ve fallen off the face of the Earth as you struggle to make contact? Or maybe you’ve got a nagging feeling that your emails have ended up in their junk folder. It’s a common predicament for recruiters to find themselves in, which is where Contact Out comes in handy. This Chrome extension sits on top of your browser so that when you look at someone’s profile on LinkedIn, you’ll be supplied with their actual email address so you can contact them directly (as opposed to a LinkedIn message). By bypassing the social platform and getting direct contact details for the candidate, you’re likely to find that your response rate improves.


For bigger companies, it can be useful to integrate contact details with the broader recruitment process, which is where Hiretual comes in. The service is not dissimilar to Contact Out, but includes more features to connect different stages in the recruitment process, from first contact through to onboarding and more. If you want a service that provides contact details while beefing up your overall recruitment process, Hiretual is one to consider.


If you want to find and connect with the most qualified candidates, consider using SignalHire. This service is something like a search engine for candidates that lets you search by keywords and phrases or by location. SignalHire is especially useful because it can search online profiles by keywords across their whole account instead of just their profiles to find relevant information that’s less well-advertised. Once you’ve found promising candidates, the SignalHire browser extension also lets you find their contact details by searching for names, phone numbers, and addresses. All emails are verified by third-party services, so you’re less likely to hit dead ends trying to contact the right candidates. 


The way you articulate a position in your job listings can influence the kind of applicants you’re attracting. While you may not be aware of it, certain kinds of descriptions and phrases may attract some demographics in particular while putting others off. If diversity is a big consideration with your hiring practices, Textio can be of use. The service employed AI and augmented writing trawled from huge amounts of data to see the impact of specific words and phrases. It’s good for highlighting copy that could be problematic and can help you reduce any gender imbalance that your listings might be skewing towards. Start using the right language, and you may find that your listings attract more qualified candidates.


If a particular recruitment drive or job posting finds you inundated with candidates, you might benefit from a service that can help you quickly sort good applicants from unsuitable ones. HireVue is a service that’s particularly useful in the earlier stages of assessing candidates. It uses AI to help you create custom candidate assessments that you can easily revue in bulk. It also has features like video interviews to further facilitate your recruitment drives. If there are some particular boxes that you know a candidate has to tick, HireVue can get you that information. 

Click Boarding

After you’ve found a suitable candidate, you’ll be in need of services that help you through the next stages of training and onboarding. Click Boarding helps both employers and employees understand exactly what’s required upon starting with a company. This online onboarding service provides new hires a framework for them to fill in the necessary paperwork and read any documents or handbooks necessary for the role. Click Boarding also presents an opportunity for you to digitize a lot of your onboarding processes that can be recorded for each employee and cut down on the amount of paperwork generated by a new hire.

Final Thoughts

The recruitment process can be boiled down into writing a job post, finding the right candidate, and bringing them into a company. But we all know that successful recruitment involves a lot more hard work than this. Each step requires a real investment of time and money to find the perfect candidate, so take advantage of the right tools that can give your recruitment processes an edge.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels