It’s no surprise that lethargy goes hand-in-hand with a lack of motivation. Demotivated employees look tired, feel tired and are sapping the energy out of your business.

Just like in a relationship, your employees passion and joie-de-vivre at work can wane and will need constant nurturing. When your employees become overwhelmed, or bored, energy can easily run dry. But, as you are probably aware, apathetic, disconnected and disengaged workers aren’t good for your bottom line.

So, if you’ve noticed some apathetic blank stares in the office, how do you put the energy back into your team?

Here are 5 ways to help recharge your employees. Not only will you make your employees feel alive again, you’ll be amazed at the effect on productivity too.

Boost adrenaline with a team building adventure

When the whole company feels devoid of energy, a team building trip away from the office can do wonders to pep up your flagging workforce. Choose an adrenalin-pumping activity. If energy in the office is low, an exhilarating activity will get everyone’s blood pumping.

Getting wet and muddy on an assault course, zorbing in the rolling countryside, zip-wiring and a whole host of outdoor activities are available for team building days out. See an experience provider like Into the Blue for a fantastic choice of experience days to suit your organisation.

And here are 8 reasons why a little adrenaline can be a good thing.

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Set a policy around working hours

While a team building day will help to reset the clock, put your employees back in the same work situation and the benefits of the activity day will quickly wear off. Work-life balance is important. It’s good for the health of your employees and it’s good for performance and productivity.

Employees who have a good work-life balance have more energy and fewer health problems. It means when they are at work, they are less tired, less stressed and more engaged. It’s a myth that productivity goes up with the number of hours worked. Longer hours do not equate to better results. In fact, employees working fewer hours are more productive than those who consistently stay late.

Be flexible with working hours and set a policy around answering emails outside of work where possible. To recover, employees need to be able to switch off.

Stock the office with energising snacks

It’s not rocket science. What we eat has an impact on our energy levels. Also, different foods are converted into energy at different rates. Sugary snacks can give a quick lift, but the energy boost fades quickly and leaves you feeling depleted and craving more.

Provide healthy energising snacks for your employees to prevent fatigue. Providing a healthy breakfast is also a good idea. Porridge oats, fruit and yoghurt, along with nuts and seeds are full of nutrients. And by offering healthy food choices to your employees, you will be encouraging them to make healthier food choices elsewhere.

Encourage breaks, exercise and walking meetings

Being stuck at a desk all day isn’t good for your posture and it isn’t good for your energy levels. In fact, staying in a fixed position for extended durations can have a serious adverse effect on your health. Sitting in a stationary position all day has implications for blood pressure and certain types of cancer.

Workplace wellbeing should be firmly on your agenda if you care about a motivated workforce. Here are 8 simple strategies to increase movement in the workplace.

Exercise has been proven to improve energy levels. Offer gym memberships to your staff as part of your benefits package.

Walking meetings are also a great idea. A change of scene can trigger new ideas and is a great way to add a bit of physical activity into the working day. Walking side-by-side also does wonders for breaking down hierarchical barriers. Find out more in this TED talk by technology executive, Nilofer Merchant.

Offer opportunities for learning

When your employees are stuck doing the same monotonous tasks every day it’s really no wonder energy and motivation spirals downwards. No one wants to feel like they’re Bill Murray in the film, Groundhog Day!

One of the best ways to motivate staff is to offer ample opportunities for growth. Skills training is essential if you want a healthy, high-performing workplace. If you don’t offer opportunities for learning your employees won’t feel engaged and could easily jump ship.

Don’t just focus on prospects. Some people won’t be interested in fast tracking their career. Yes, offer promotional opportunities, but don’t frown upon staff who don’t want it. Support professional and personal development at work as well. Some employees may not want to manage a team, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge.