As per Verified Market Research, the HR Software Market size was valued at USD 15.59 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 33.57 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.10% from 2021 to 2028.

This is because leaders understand the value of happy employees. Successful businesses are people-first, and this includes the workforce. So investing in an HR help desk is equal to investing in the staff’s well-being.

Let’s find out more about this tool and the benefits it can bring you. 

What is an HR help desk?

An HR help desk is software that your employees use to reach out to the HR department for queries and concerns regarding benefits, payroll, medical or disability leave, and other company policies. Tickets are raised for each case which is helpful to solve issues proactively and also benefits the organization with tracking trends, providing early warnings of significant workforce issues, ensuring consistent adherence to HR policies, and much more.

Additionally, an HR help desk software has a power-house feature called Employee Self-service enabling employees to do a host HR-related tasks themselves like marking attendance (while working from home), managing leaves, submitting tax declarations and more. 

Wondering if your organization needs an HR help desk?

If you fall under one or more categories mentioned below, then your organization needs an HR help desk software:  

1. You are a large organization

Big organizations see a higher volume of queries and concerns that obviously need automated assistance. An HR help desk can streamline and quicken the process, assisting HR managers in effectively dealing with queries in less time. 

2. You are scaling up 

If your company is scaling up, now may be a good time to implement an HR help desk to manage new prospects and hires.

3. You are managing remote teams

While handling remote staff, it is vital to have a centralized platform like an HR help desk to manage employees’ onboarding, performance, timekeeping, training, attendance, and other data.

4. You have a small HR team

If you have a lean HR team with no plans of scaling up but still need to empower the HR department then investing in the HR help desk software would be a wise choice. For example, a question about the company’s maternity leave policy – the employee can access a knowledge base in the HR help desk software where all HR policies are stored.  

What are the benefits of an HR help desk?

The main benefits of an HR help desk software are: 

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1. Centralized management  

An HR executive juggles multiple tasks at once every day. They have to manage all things — right from looking for candidates to onboarding and exciting processes and the employees’ journey. HRs see a heavy influx of attendance, leaves,  performance, payroll, disciplinary, etc. related emails and notifications which are often scattered across the organization’s database and systems. An HR help desk software ensures that the HR staff can effectively deal with all things in one place. 

2. Automation of repetitive tasks 

An HR help desk can integrate within a knowledge base, where employees can find a list of FAQs with their answers. This keeps the HR staff from having to answer common questions, saving their resources for other complex tasks. 

3. Efficient query resolution 

Advanced HR help desk like Zendesk includes a ticketing system to ensure employees get their queries solved effectively. Moreover, ticketing systems help HR respond to queries immediately as they come, store and track them, and reduce the chances of missed or forgotten queries. 

4. Employee self service 

An ESS (employee self service) is an essential feature of an HR help desk software. It gives your employees the power to view all policy documents, get answers to FAQs, update their personal contact info, fill in timesheets, request PTO, complete mandatory employee training, manage their benefits, etc. This frees up HRs time while empowering employees. 

5. Reporting and analytics

Choosing an HR help desk system that includes reports and analytics is recommended. 

An HR help desk software can help conduct employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups. Besides this, it can also be used to gather several insightful data points. 

With this software, HR managers can review reports to track positive and negative trends in the workforce like turnover rates, absenteeism, employee satisfaction. They can also evaluate their own efficiency by tracking their response times to queries, employee feedback and more. A comprehensive analysis of these data points will help the employees and the HR help desk representatives take the needed action making the internal communications on floor more effective. 

6. Employee happiness and engagement

According to Gallup, unsatisfied or disengaged employees fall short in three key areas: 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability. HR helpdesk software helps teams seal communication gaps with reliable handling of basic employee requests. 

As a result you avoid embarrassing slip-ups that can drastically negatively affect employee morale and satisfaction. In addition, with an HR help desk, your team will not have to struggle or worry that they won’t be heard or that their benefits won’t be realized due to human lag, inconsistency or error. 

Human Resource’s Best Resource

An HR help desk system is essential for all businesses if they care about their teams’ well-being. It improves your overall workforce’s morale, boosts employee satisfaction, and increases retention. These benefits are realized by reducing the workload on the HR staff – creating a win-win situation for you.