DIY Office Organization Ideas to Boost Productivity

Do you realize that your personal productivity level depends directly on the space in which you work? You should appreciate and use that fact! If you want to be more productive with your work, you have to organize your work environment.

However, the well-organized work environment is much more than just visual appeal. As a desk officer, you can not only increase your productivity but also reduce stress and even get promoted if you keep your workspace organized.

How to do that? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually! Here are 3 DIY office organization ideas that will get your workplace in order, help you focus on essentials and definitely boost your effectiveness.

Create a DIY drawer divider

You can’t deny that your desk drawer is one of the messiest areas of your workplace! But you can use a cheap and rather easy way to change that. Your desk drawer will be completely transformed if you decide to use a DIY drawer organizer.

Of course, you can create a drawer divider by yourself.  You need just a few empty (not very large) boxes and your imagination. So, firstly, put the boxes into the drawer to see how they can be used as drawer dividers. Cut the boxes if necessary and wrap every box in pretty gift paper. After wrapping, place them into the drawer again and look at your DIY masterpiece where you can organize all your small supplies.

Use binder clips to organize all your wires

Your office desk is commonly wrapped with a ton of different cords and cables. Monitors, computer towers, mice, laptops, printers, phones and chargers with all their wires can easily get out of hand and make a mess that constantly put you away from your work.

However, you can disguise all these cords in such a way that they let you work productively and not be distracted. If you haven’t got a special slot to hide the cords and cables, you can use binder clips to get them out of sight. All you need to do is to clip several binder clips on the edge of your office desk and fix every cord inside of the binder clip.

This is one of the most useful DIY desk organizer ideas that help you hide the mess of gadget cables and easy to find and reach any cord when you need it. Moreover, this productivity hack can increase your chances of getting a promotion by creating a positive impression of your work habits with higher-ups!

Mark everything you need for your work

To reduce the stress level and be better organized, your marker should be your best friend in the office. What does it mean? Well, such simple things like marking the drawers or cabinets can not only save your time and nerves but can also limit the number of breaks you usually should do in order to find some important documents or stuff.

By the way, your coworkers will finally stop asking you where the printer ink or paper is if they see the drawer labeled “PRINTER PAPER!” And, of course, don’t forget about your computer files. They also should be labeled in case you want to take your productivity to the next level.

As you see, it isn’t so difficult to create the work environment that will be inspiring and effective for you. Remember, keeping your desk, as well as workplace organized, will lead to a more productive and less stressful workday. Moreover, the well-organized working area will also create a more productive workflow and make you feel more confident and successful at work.

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