It is unknown to many small business owners that their venture can benefit from HR software solutions. The fact that your business is small should never be a limitation to getting help from the available HR technology in vogue in 2021. Several custom software services are available in the tech industry. They offer solutions that suit your business operations.

According to some HR experts, HR departments need digitization for operational efficiency. Irrespective of the size of a business, you will get what works for you. It is evident from their views that there are packages that can accommodate your budget as a small business owner. The implication is that you don’t need a large budget to set up an HR system for your small business.

We engage in extensive research to put together the best HRIS systems for small companies to scale their operations. Before we highlight these platforms, let’s look at the different types of HR software

Types of HR Software for Businesses

The major types of HR software for businesses are two, namely Core HR and Strategic HR. The former deals with conventional HR functions in the areas of administrations. This includes attendance tracking, benefits administrations, payroll processing, and internal relations.

The strategic HR functions handle the overall organization strategy. It performs the task that helps to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. These functions include recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring employees. Also, it cut across tracking of staff performance and personal development.

The above indicates that HR experts perform numerous functions that spread across the Core and Strategic roles. Different HR tools have different functionalities. This implies that some software has all features, while others are limited in scope.

However, that is never a problem. Software solutions for small businesses are customizable to suit every business operation.


Key Component of HR Software Solution for Businesses

Do you plan to digitize your human resource management? If yes, the following are the main component of HR systems that can help improve your business’s efficiency.

  • Recruitment and Hiring

You can automate the recruitment process of your small organization using the HRIS. It helps with the optimization of the data of applicants for quick hiring processing. The system makes preparing templates super easy, as well as keeping up with the recruitment process.

  •  Training

The system is capable of identifying the gap between employees’ skills and the need to upscale them. You can schedule periodic training for your employees with the HRIS system and track their development over time. In the nearest future, HR systems will have an exponential effect on employees’ development.

  • Documentation and Onboarding

It is much easier to get new workers to understand an organization’s operations through the HR platforms. They will have access to every information they need to get started, making it pretty fast to catch up with organizational activities.

  • Employee Portal

HR platforms help manage employees’ data. It takes it from the point of appointment to daily participation in business operations. The system stores different types of employees’ data, including financials and task performances. This data comes in handy at specific times.

  • Appraisal of Performance

It helps track every employee’s performance. This is to know their contribution to the organization’s objective within a calendar year. The system makes it easy to see what an employee offers in service since they gained employment.

  • Time and Attendance

Gone are the days when employees used to manipulate time and shift at work. The human resource system has taken care of the loopholes. It helps to determine employee’s leave period as well as track time.

Choosing the Suitable HR Software Solution for your Business

The features mentioned above are only a few of the functions offer by the HR systems. Depending on your business need, you can request custom software services. Take your time to check through the available options. It is essential to identify the highly challenging tasks in your business operations. By doing this, you gain insight to your needs before opting for a particular service.

The first step to choosing a suitable HR system is to list your organization’s HR tools requirements. After determining what your business needs are, you can search for the best HR software companies that match your request. Be sure that the vendors have varieties for you to choose from, rather than limit yourself to few options.

Other things you should consider includes;

  •         Product capabilities
  •         Data Storage management
  •         Vendors reviews
  •         Customer supports services
  •         Security
  •         User experience

The Best HRIS System for Small Businesses

1. JazzHR
JazzHR allows your business to manage the A-Z aspect of your recruitment process seamlessly. JazzHR integrates with every HR tool your company uses. From candidate sourcing to interviewing and assessments and collaborative hiring, efficiency is assured.

You have the option to opt for a customized solution designed to cater for all your HR needs. With JazzHR software, you can appraise candidates based on data obtained from the recruitment process. For everything related to recruitment, the company get you covered in all ramifications.

2. Zoho People

Zoho people offer encompassing HR solutions to small businesses while you handle core operations. You can rest assured of getting a complete cloud-based HRIS with an impressive list of features. Everything you need to build a happier workforce is available with Zoho people.

Zoho HR solutions include tracking time, leave, and attendance in a snap. Also, it helps to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, you can set targets to bridge the gap in skill sets.

3. Gusto

If you are thinking of optimizing your recruitment process, you should consider Gusto. It handles every part of your business processes, including modern payroll.  Other functionalities of Gusto administration benefits, and onboarding. Managing a business is not easy, but Gusto offers various HR features to assist you.


By reading through this guide, we believe you have a handful of information to make an informed decision. Don’t jump into choosing an HR solution without proper analysis of your small business needs. Compare and contrast what each of the HR systems has to offer. Understand each area of specialization and opt for the one with the best functionalities for your business.

Adopting HR software solutions can save you a lot of money in the long run. Alternatively, you can outsource your human resource.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels