4 Ways to Ensure a Productive Team

We all know how important productivity is in the workplace – after all, how often do you find yourself struggling for motivation when you’re in the middle of a particularly difficult task or getting towards the end of a long day? Motivation and productivity go hand in hand, and both can end up disappearing in a flash when you are faced with distractions or issues like tiredness.

If several people in the workplace are struggling with motivation, this can have a big impact on the entire team’s productivity. Procrastination is productivity’s worst enemy, so if you feel as though your team are experiencing problems with motivation, it is always a sensible idea to address the issue sooner rather than later.

So how can you ensure your team remains as productive as possible? Here are four of the best ways to get the whole team refreshed and rejuvenated ready to tackle the day head on.

Positive Workplace Environment

The average office worker spends approximately 50% of their total waking hours in any given day at work. Given that this percentage is so high, it should come as no great surprise that a negative atmosphere can lead to serious knock-on effects when it comes to motivation and productivity.

Feeling happy and secure at work is essential – it helps you to focus and get more work done, allowing you to reach set goals and targets with far greater ease. Sometimes the problem is simply that your team have fallen into too much of a regular routine. Address this issue by updating the layout of your office or investing in some new furniture, a fresh coat of paint or some bright spring flowers to brighten up the space.

Fun Team Building Events

Regular routines lead to demoralisation and can really hamper productivity. Liven things up a bit by taking your team out to enjoy a fun team building day!

Team building events come in many different forms, from outdoor obstacle courses and treasure hunts to quiz nights. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to find an activity to suit the individuals in your team.

Fun and enjoyment are equal to functionality when it comes to team building events; the purpose of team building is to foster positive relationships between team members as well as improving the overall atmosphere within the workplace.

Constructive Workplace Relationships

For an efficient office, each member of your team should feel confident enough to express any thoughts, concerns or queries with the team. Encourage friendships and camaraderie between colleagues in order to create a much more positive environment within the workplace, then sit back and watch your employees smash their targets!

Celebrating Success

It often ends up being overlooked, but positive feedback is actually as important as constructive criticism within the workplace. After all, if the only thing your team members ever hear is complaints of ‘why did this take so long’ or ‘why did you do this like that’, it can quickly lead to a downward spiral of demoralisation.

Of course, if a colleague has done something wrong they need to be told, but the feedback loop should go both ways – make sure that you praise your team members for a job well done or congratulate them for completing a tricky task or closing a great sale. This helps to reward employees for the things that they have done well and can boost levels of motivation, celebrating success and encouraging team members to continue working towards a positive end result.

By following these tips and tricks, your team should be back up to speed and striving for even greater success in no time at all!

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