Management and leadership are very integrated roles even though many confuse them for being separate. It would be wrong to assume that the CEO of an organisation is the only one who should inculcate leadership qualities. Rather, this is a quality that must be prevalent in all levels of management. People who lead at various fronts are like the framework of a single body that comes together to form the enterprise.   

Those opting for management and leadership courses need to realize how invaluable it is for a manager to be a good leader. While the job of a manager is to precisely plan and co-ordinate activities and teams together, a leader acts as a motivational force for them. These two roles must merge if a business wishes to achieve its goals with the complete support of its staff. To bridge the gap closer is a list of similarities that these attributes share.

Management and Leadership
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In order for management to function and sustain itself with productive results, it needs to be solution-oriented. The same applies to those in a position of leadership. When you are leading teams and others look up to you for a quick fix then you have to come up with strategic solutions. Pointing people in the right direction should come as second nature to those in a position of leadership. 


Have an inspiring vision 

Being able to foresee good prospects, set a vision and subsequently lay down achievable targets is again a trait applicable at management and leadership position. Setting down a purpose and then using workforce and other resources for achieving the best result is implemented by leaders as well as managers.


Similar nature of the job 

While management is a career choice, leadership is more of a calling. That being said it is the job of a leader to effectively manage his people and similarly a manager also has to act like a leader and be a motivational force for others. He has to work with his team and bring out their best potential. Leadership and management are linked together in their role to unite people for a single objective.


Unwavering influence 

The term management and leadership are most often used interchangeably in an organisation. This is because at their core they both deal with having the right influence and creating the perfect environment conducive for growth. Someone at this position has to be impactful and must lead the team by example rather than relying simply on words.


Being organised 

Again at the very root,  management and leadershipare all about being structured and organised. This means effective management of time and also enhanced productivity. Both the roles point towards working towards a higher goal and helping the organisation grow exponentially. This is why there is an enormous amount of similarity in the weight they both hold.  

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