Planning a Company Party? 3 Services to Invest In

Whether you happen to be in the events department or just a normal employee, you may at some point be delegated the task of putting together a company party. Some words to describe how you could potentially feel during this period include pressurized, stressed, and frantic.

However, you should know that with careful planning, it is entirely possible to plan and execute a successful company party. In order to do so, however, it is important that you focus on key areas of the party and ask for help when it is needed.

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On those premises, this article is going to explore three services that you should invest in when planning a company party.

Event Planning

When planning a party, you should consider how you’re going to prepare for the event. There are typically two options, which include: planning the event on your own or hiring a reputable company to do it for you.

The scale of the event, the budget allocated, and your level of experience should help determine which option you choose. However, keep in mind that planning an event by yourself can be a lot of work.

Investing in an event planning company, such as Vario Productions, helps alleviate the stress of doing it on your own and ensures that you don’t miss any of the minor details.


Once you’ve decided who’s going to plan your event, think about how you want to entertain your guests. The purpose of your event should determine the kind of entertainment you choose to have, so bear that in mind as well. Some themes you can consider include a workplace tea party, college party at the office, Hawaiian party, or breakfast party.

Once you decide the theme, you can then think about investing in entertainment that aligns with your theme whether it be certain genres of music, poetry, live performances, or games. The idea should be to ensure guests are well entertained and it’s a memorable as opposed to a dull event, however, you also need to put out your feelers and see what the natural consensus is.

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If your colleagues do not enjoy dressing up, then make fancy dress optional; what’s more, if the weather is meant to be warm, they may not want a fancy affair where they watch a percussion band. Rather, a BBQ with sports games, which are relaxed, would most likely enjoy this over something more rigid.

Food Catering

In addition to what has been already mentioned, when planning a company party, another service worth investing in is food catering, as an event isn’t complete without something to nibble on. You should consider outsourcing this service if you want to be able to cater for a large number of people.

Some food options to think about include a self-serve popcorn or chip bar, mini turkey meatballs, nacho-stuffed potato skins, parmesan spinach balls, or Asian chicken skewers. Try and choose foods that are easy to eat and won’t make too much of a mess, and which are interesting enough but not so exotic people may be funny about the food you are serving.

For the most part, the right food should get the party off on the right foot and ensure your guests are happy and satisfied, so be sure to order enough food. You don’t want your work friends to go home hungry and dissatisfied.

If you’re unsure about the food they wish to eat, though, send around an email with a survey, including all the food options available to them. While you won’t be able to provide the food each singular person wants, you’ll be able to make the majority happy by asking for their opinions. Plus, your fellow employees will feel valued and involved, causing excitement and happiness for the event.

Company parties can be a big deal, as it’s your chance to show off your organizational as well as planning skills. For this reason, you want to put your best foot in and throw something that’ll be memorable.

By taking the tips mentioned above on board, you should find that you’re on your way to putting together a party that will go down in your company’s history books. Listen to what people want, think about the theme of the event, and hire caterers who can provide food that’ll make everyone happy.

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