Employee engagement and morale are ways to ensure that productivity is optimized in the workplace. Human Resources professionals and experts understand that a strong corporate work culture fosters good relationships across the organization, and it’s essential for business. 

Leaders need to create a solid corporate culture that provides employees with not just the company values, but the value in them. These shared values and beliefs help promote better stock within the company. Marketing and HR teams often play a role in communicating cultural expectations and establishing those norms.

media activation

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What is Media Activation for Employees in the Workplace?

Many businesses utilize digital media and marketing to generate more brand awareness and increase sales for campaigns. Using social media and employee activation, staff members can authentically engage, create, and share content related to their work.

Partnering with employee advocacy, the strategy helps foster cross-functional teamwork. Utilizing media can supply your employees with some helpful guidelines from a Marketing or HR team, but then are allowed to move forward with sharing their thoughts and ideas regarding the content that aligns with organizational goals.

Why does this matter, and how does it benefit the corporate culture?

Internal Communications for Digital Strategies

Communication is integral to strategic planning when developing cohesive and streamlined projects, programs, and campaigns. There are challenges for businesses to get their information visible, and many turn to tactics such as integrated media planning to help increase their chances of being seen.

Algorithms are unpredictable, and paid ads are more expensive. People want to see more genuine and authentic content – so why not utilize your internal channels and create more media activation?

How Media Activation Helps

If your employees all work remotely, this can be a big challenge. Your company needs to bring coworkers together across departments and time zones. Utilizing your Human Resources to boost employee interaction and morale in a remote setting is a significant undertaking.

Media activation provides tools like video conferencing and online chats to help bridge those gaps in internal comms, ensuring everyone is on the same page and updated.

Employee social connections through media activation can also help in other areas, including:

  • Boost in job satisfaction
  • Performance improvements
  • Cross-team collaborations

Online resources can also keep you motivated, and open communication helps make speaking up easier if something needs attention. You need to rely on your employees to communicate across the board to find solutions when problems arise.

Company Culture For Your Brand

Human Resources Teams are responsible for ensuring the work culture is solid. The way it is perceived today promotes a more strategic drive since around 87% of employees say they feel that the culture is important. The corporate culture can influence how the business carries out operations and influence customer service and innovation.

Many businesses strive to be more actively engaged in media activation, using platforms to portray their company culture. But how can you use media to build upon your work culture?

Social Media

Social media can help influence your company’s culture by establishing customer connection, loyalty, and trust factors. Transparent communication via media is a great way to encourage this; simply post about your brand’s value to its consumers and how it makes an impact. 

Presenting the right personality in this fashion promotes a positive influence. It will help employees feel valued, and people will perceive the company as more trustworthy.

Media Through Recognition

Employee morale is another essential tool that can help promote a strong work culture. When teams can rectify recognition for employees when they do good work, it helps with motivation and retention. 

Media can play a role in acknowledging your employees, such as posting about outstanding achievements via social media and within your company’s chats. You could enlist things like an “Employee of the Month” to publicly recognize those who go above and beyond. Strategies like this demonstrate the brand is one of positive reinforcement.

Employee Content

Most people know what user-generated content (UGC) is, and it’s a well-known media strategy to utilize content developed by those who actually use the product or service. 

Your HR team can use this same method in-house by communicating with employees who value the brand, allowing them to be directly involved in content production. It improves employee engagement and promotes trust from those outside looking into your brand.

Consider using the following ways to get employee-generated content as part of your media activation campaigns and promotions:

  • Allow a team member to “takeover” social media channels for a day to promote the internal communications and give a “behind the scenes” view.
  • Use promotions featuring videos and photos that employees have taken from various company events and get-togethers to demonstrate the positive work culture.
  • Create an in-house contest with employees about new product or service launches and campaigns, with a prize for the winner(s).

Strategies for Internal Communications with Media Activation

Now that you’re clear on how media activation can work well for internal communications, the strategies to utilize media activation can vary. Let’s look at some of the different methods that can be utilized in the workplace and how using media activation helps develop these internal communication strategies.

Creating Shared Vision and Purpose

Developing a shared vision is an essential process for projects, to eliminate any divisions. Leadership builds a solid foundation and framework with internal communications through media activation by ensuring that everyone is on the same page across the workplace. 

A shared purpose also helps people work closer together, so when a campaign or promotion is under way through media activation, it’s important that everyone understands the set goals and targets. Teams utilize internal communications to achieve that goal by discussing action items through media activation to reach the shared outcome. 

Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing

Your marketing, advertising or other department teams need to get together when working on a particular campaign. Internal communications foster collaboration, and media activation through means of video conferences, online meetings, and shared digital spreadsheets or other documentation can help others to understand information and have resources to help solve complex problems.

Building a Sense of Community

Internal communications with media activation also provide a sense of community to those across the corporate culture. Media activation methods to start your digital marketing campaign, create more brand awareness and visibility or just boost sales all help provide people with a shared vision, which also ensures that everyone is on the same page.

When employees feel a part of their workplace, they care more about its values and success. Internal communications are increased to help provide a high level of support to one another and heighten engagement across the organization. Community also helps to give your employees opportunities for professional or personal growth. 

Gamification for Internal Communications – More Engaging

Media activation in the form of gamification is an excellent way to engage your employees and help them work together. Turning internal communications into a game to help train and press “go” on media activation aspects of your company helps drive your digital marketing campaigns, improve user engagement if there are new updates or technology that can help improve and streamline productivity.

Design elements like scores, rewards and competition with fellow coworkers encourages interaction and deeper understanding of business information, tools, applications, and processes. Your internal communications are sure to thrive with this strategy.

Video Content

Videos are another method to foster internal communications, and a great way to help people understand things easily. This digital media strategy is a way to “walk through” complex processes, or how to find resources and tools for employees, which helps ensure that everyone has easy access to the things that they need. 

Global internet traffic is largely attributed to video content, because it drives action, unlocks productivity, and grabs people’s attention. Building video within your internal communications strategy through media is an excellent way to get the point across and get everyone in the workplace on board with an idea, action, or new update.

Embrace Technology in the Workplace

Media is a great, if not essential, tool for your marketing efforts with your business. However, you can build and sustain a strong corporate culture within the workplace using similar strategies on an internal basis, improving overall communications. Using technology to help build upon work culture also enhances your company’s overall performance.

HR teams promote innovation, and forward-thinking companies can delve into media activation to simultaneously promote their workplace and their product or service. Find creative ways to enlist your employees as part of your next launch or promotion and encourage digital strategies that help increase the level of open communications for better collaborations, campaigns, and initiatives.