Standing out at a job fair isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days, every company is chasing the same limited pool of qualified candidates. With so many options vying for people’s attention, how do you make sure your opportunities are the ones that really grab applicants?

As someone responsible for representing your organization at recruiting events, you know it’s not enough to simply show up with a stack of resumes anymore. If you want to attract the best people, you’ve got to differentiate yourself from all the other businesses crammed into that convention center booth.

Lucky for you, we’ve got some field-tested strategies that will help your company rise above the noise and make a lasting impression. 

Recruitment Events

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Set Up Eco-Friendly Booths to Impress Your Prospective Employees

Your job fair booth is the first impression potential hires will get of your company. Make it count by selecting eco-friendly and branded materials.

Choose a custom tablecloth that incorporates your colors and logo in a distinctive, eye-catching design. Consider using a reusable, convertible tablecloth that allows displaying two designs. This provides versatility while reducing waste.

Customize your essential materials to begin meaningful conversations. Have business cards, brochures, and application forms ready for interested candidates. Include QR codes linking to your website or online applications.

Give out branded, reusable items people will enjoy and remember your company by. Opt for reusable shopping bags, water bottles, pens, notebooks, and phone accessories branded with your logo. People will appreciate products they can use daily while representing your brand.

Experienced trade show display designers recommend using eco-board for signage and displays. This fully biodegradable, printable board offers a sustainable alternative to plastic-based materials like Sintra. Eco-board breaks down in landfills within nine months, protecting the environment.

Focus on eco-friendly and reusable promotional materials that candidates will want to keep using. This positions your company as authentic about sustainability while leaving a lasting impression on your brand. A stylish, eco-conscious booth demonstrates your values and commitment to responsible practices. 

Engaging Directly with Potential Candidates

While an eye-catching exhibit can draw initial attention, the real key to success lies in the interactions between your company representatives and the attendees. 

Your staff should possess comprehensive knowledge about available job roles, organizational culture, and career growth opportunities within your firm. Representatives who exude a friendly, approachable, and patient demeanor are more likely to create a lasting positive impression on potential candidates.

To foster a welcoming environment, position your team members in front of the exhibit space rather than behind the table. This simple gesture eliminates any physical barriers, making it easier for attendees to approach and engage in conversation. 

Career fairs can be intimidating environments for many, so maintaining an open and accessible stance can help put them at ease. Prominently displaying name tags also enables attendees to identify the appropriate representatives to approach with their queries quickly.

Ensuring that at least one representative is actively stationed at your exhibit at all times increases the chances of connecting with promising candidates. Engaging effectively with fair participants is crucial for recruiting top talent and showcasing the unique value proposition of your organization.

Promote the Upcoming Job Fair on LinkedIn

Career experts recommend using social media platforms like LinkedIn to promote an upcoming job fair. Creating a post the night before can help connect with potential contacts at the event.

If an event hashtag is used, be sure to include it when writing about the details. Mention the date, location, your company, if applicable, and times. Express excitement about exploring opportunities and networking.

Inviting connections to stop by your booth if attending can help draw visitors. LinkedIn provides a way to quickly follow up after meeting people in person. Send connection requests to new contacts for future professional discussions.

Consider including a QR code linking to your profile for easy information access. Displays like business cards or a folder give a contactless option to learn more.


1. What is gamification in recruitment?

A: Gamification in recruitment involves incorporating game-like elements into the hiring process. Candidates may be asked to participate in interactive challenges, puzzles, or simulations that assess their skills and abilities. These gamified assessments utilize algorithms to objectively evaluate the candidates’ performance, reducing potential biases. The recruitment team then analyzes the results to identify suitable candidates for the role.

2. How to attract candidates at a job fair?

A: To stand out and captivate potential candidates at a job fair, creating an engaging and memorable experience is essential. Consider incorporating interactive elements such as virtual reality demos, gamified challenges, or eye-catching multimedia displays. Offering unique and branded giveaways that promote your company’s website and logo can also help leave a lasting impression. Additionally, ensure that your representatives are approachable, energetic, and able to communicate your company’s culture and values effectively.

3. What should a recruiter bring to a career fair?

A: As a recruiter, it’s crucial to be well-prepared with relevant materials when attending a career fair. Bring business cards, brochures, or pamphlets about your company, available job opportunities, and the hiring process. These materials should be visually appealing and informative, serving as a tangible resource for interested candidates to take away and refer to later.

Standing out at a recruiting event requires strategic planning and promotion. While many companies will compete for attention, those who thoughtfully prepare interactive and eco-friendly booths will leave a lasting positive impression. 

Rather than just passively waiting for candidates, employers should proactively research potential hires and use social media to drum up excitement beforehand. Making personal connections and giving attendees useful branded items to remember your company by are simple yet impactful ways to rise above the crowd.