74% of businesses intend to increase business spending on HR technology. Before deciding which HR technology may be suitable for your business, you should consider the benefits and uses of an integrated HR and security system.

How can integrated HR benefit your overall security and HR processes? Keep reading as we discuss how to build an integrated HR and security system and the benefits of incorporating both technologies.

How To Use Security And HR Tools Together For Stronger Overall Security

Here are some of the primary uses of HR and security integrations and the significant benefits of using a single integrated platform.

Cloud-Based Physical Access Control Integrated With HR Tools

Cloud-based commercial keyless entry systems are the foundation for establishing a fully integrated security strategy.

Cloud-based access control provides you with a strengthened security system without hindering employees. Employees can enter through digital access credentials stored on their mobile devices without presenting their mobile devices. The employee must wave their hand over the access control reader. This motion will trigger remote communication with their mobile device to allow them entry. The reader uses Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular communication to ensure access on the first attempt.

Part of a physical access control system is remote technology, allowing your HR team to use a mobile application or cloud-based control center to view security information and operate door locks remotely. This feature is handy for HR teams that must allow interviewees and new hires to enter the building.

The security system also has open API integrations, which allow HR teams to leverage security to their benefit in the following ways.

hr and security tools
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Time Tracking Software

HR teams may struggle to gain accurate figures for employee working hours – particularly for independent contractors. Buddy punching is a massive issue for HR departments and causes businesses to overpay their employees. With time tracking software integrated with access control, HR departments can gain more accurate figures for employee working hours.

When an access control event occurs (an employee enters the building), this information will be recorded and transferred to time tracking software. The employee will be automatically logged out when they leave the building. With this data, HR teams can have more accuracy in payroll calculations and prevent losses for the business.

Payroll Integration

HR teams can improve building security by integrating payroll information with access control. When you remove an employee from payroll, their access credentials will automatically be revoked, and the system will remove their details. Having automated processes for when an employee’s contract is terminated allows you to prevent future security breaches from ex-employees. They will be unable to re-enter the building without express permission (which may help your business hold on to its stationery when employees are let go!).

Centralizing HR And Security Tools

By centralizing HR and security tools, HR teams can eliminate the potential for buddy-punching. With integrated time tracking, video surveillance and access control, HR teams can access all the information they need to verify employee identity in one place.

A video intercom system comes with high-definition video and touchless access control to provide video feed information and access log information on one interface. So, HR teams can check to see if the identity of employees matches the access credentials used. With this ability, HR teams can quickly determine whether any buddy punching is taking place in the business and ensure that employee hours are being paid accurately.

Automations Between Both Platforms

By integrating payroll and security platforms, you can remove the margin for human error. If your HR staff take your staff off the payroll platform but forget to remove them from the access control system, this could have dire consequences for your business. A shocking portion of security breaches is caused by human error. By implementing automation between platforms, you can ensure that human error does not lead to losses for your business.

Cost And Storage Savings

Another notable benefit of integrating HR and security tools is saving the cost and storage of managing several different platforms. You only have to pay once in one integrated system, and you can expand your system as you see fit. When you use several disparate platforms, this requires more storage space for servers and hardware. You may also need to hire additional staff to manage this different software and hardware simply. By establishing one integrated platform, you can make high cost and storage savings.


If you’re looking to improve HR operations and security operations within your business, you should consider the benefits of integrating HR tools and security tools. Having all data readily available on a single platform will help streamline HR operations and give your HR team access to data that will help establish more accurate payroll determinations. Your HR information will also ensure that human error does not lead to security breaches for your business.