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Different security researchers have revealed that employees are often the sole reason for the cyberattacks on a company. By developing a cybersecurity strategy, culture and involving HR, this problem can be resolved.

In today’s world, with the addition of technology into everything, everyday life, work, home, and organization environments are induced with electronic keys that can open the door to high-level and sensitive data and other confidential information. 

Currently, the most vulnerable node in all of the network is still the user. Hackers have outsmarted the system and can easily trick the user into falling into their trap by clicking a suspicious link or installing malicious software.

However, the least a user can do to protect against different cyberattacks is by staying updated with the latest data protection tools, VPN technology, and privacy laws from credible sources like VPNRanks. Although in the grand scheme of things, the involvement of HR in cybersecurity is inevitable. 

The link between HR and Cybersecurity in an organization

Most of the time, the responsibility of cybersecurity of an organization lands on the shoulders of the Chief Information Security Officer. Still, the human factor can not be ignored, and the involvement of HR is imperative. 

According to research, the majority of cybersecurity threats are inflicted by the company employees either intentionally or unintentionally. 

This is where the HR department comes into play. They are not responsible for hiring, training, and firing the employees anymore. 

HR is an essential part of the company’s internal process, responsible for the employees’ motivation, coaching, and growth. It is only fair that they can influence the information of the correct behavior of employees to evade any cybersecurity concerns. Of course, this will be done by the initiation of certain practices. 

Five Tips for HR for boosting Cybersecurity in a company

Here are the five tips for HR for growing cybersecurity in a company.

1. Enhance security habits in the company 

A data breach can deliver a severely damaging blow to the company’s trust and reputation with partners, stakeholders, and consumers. 

Most of the time, these data leaks result from the poor security habits displayed by the workers. Hackers usually use Social Media contacts to get in touch with the workers. 

This is where the Human Resource administration comes in. Their main task will be to identify the weak and vulnerable links in the chain with the help of the IT department so that timely action can be taken to avert any cybersecurity threat to the company. 

You can learn more about preventing data breaches in your business by checking out the top five data breach prevention tips for your business.  

2. Educate the employees

It is not necessary that what is evident to an experienced employee should also be apparent to a recruit. HR has to provide all the essential information required for explaining the risks of data breaches and their repercussions and how to avoid all that. 

Introducing “cybersecurity hygiene” methods into a company’s culture is one of the most reliable ways. These essential tips for creating a cybersecurity culture have proven to be very effective and vital against potential cyberattacks. 

Joining hands with the cybersecurity department will allow taking into account all the differences. Such education needs to be refreshed over time since the ways of hacking employee accounts are also evolving. 

3. Prepare for Potential Cyberattacks

In some cases, potential cybersecurity risks can be identified based on the behavior of employees. We refer to global surveillance of every employee everywhere but instead taking interest and observing their actions with different tools. 

It is entirely possible to prevent data breaches on time by just using modern technology to obverse and record the behavior of employees. 

There shouldn’t be any spy game or witch hunt, but additional surveillance, training, and education of employees who take security risk too much light. 

4. Get Cybersecurity experts on the team 

This something which HR is specialized for. The Human Resources department should be cautious about hiring for any position in any particular department. It is not just about the minimum requirement of the job but also about a deep understanding of what that person will be here for. 

This can only be achieved if HR is up to date with the new cybersecurity threats and infiltration techniques. It will help filter out the unsuitable candidates and create a more detailed and extensive job description.

It is also essential to understand the disparity between IT positions in the cybersecurity department to hire specialists. It is also possible to ask for the help of other specialists in the company who will judge the candidate’s skills. 

5. Maintaining a procedure for responding to cyber-attacks

It is essential to keep an eye on whether the cybersecurity department and its specialists require up-gradation concerning software, new cybersecurity courses, and training modules for the latest security risks. 

Many organizations help cybersecurity exams to test and judge the knowledge of their employees. It also motivates them to stay updated with the latest cybersecurity trends. 

Without a doubt, the HR department is the main force behind inducting cybersecurity education in the company. It can only be achieved if the HR department has a deep understanding of cybersecurity. 

Authentic company cyber risk management plans include HR. Besides HR’s critical role in cyber risk management planning, its composition in event acknowledgment plan can assist regulate the contemplated treatment of workers with appropriate employment laws and help mitigate the risk of potential litigation.

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