Finding a co-worker might be a challenging task even in a big city where lots of different professionals are present in the job market. That is why HR managers would be glad to come across a new recruiting tool to get to know new candidates for the required vacancy. Recruiter blogs could be a great solution for HR managers in finding new employees. By reading this article you will learn more about blog recruiting secrets that will help you to find the best candidates.

Blogging as a recruiting tool for hiring in 2022

There are multiple platforms online as well as offline methods dedicated to hiring personnel for the company. With the change in the overall business environment though some recruiting approaches may become more effective, while others do not bring results at all after some time. That is why it is necessary to experiment and look for new ways how to attract candidates to your job post.

One of the newest methods that recruiters start to heavily utilize over the last several years is blogging. According to recent research, human resource managers have greatly benefited from company career websites as those appeared to be very effective in attracting and maintaining candidates’ interest. However, a complete switch to online technologies for finding candidates has not been made yet as many new employees are hired based on personal recommendations.

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With blogging as a recruiting method, the focus is made on catching the attention of potential candidates with the help of articles. That could be either a company’s website with a blogging section, a powerful guest blogging platform, or a social media channel. All of them could be used together to reinforce the recruiting effect.

The strategy on how to attract new candidates will differ on each of these online platforms. Several tips on how to do blogging on the company’s website, guest blog, or social media channels are provided in the following sections.

Recruiter blogs and jobs

Posting the information about jobs in the blog articles is definitely recommended, though it is also necessary to do it wisely. There are several factors that determine the modality of job posting on the blog.

The most crucial factor is the type of blog: personal, company, or social media. If you have a personal blog and want to post information about open job positions there, you have no limitations to proceed. Meanwhile, providing information about jobs on the company blog would require some bureaucratic procedures. The same goes when deciding to post a job offer on personal or business accounts on social media channels.

Another factor is the scope of details you are ready to provide within your job post. Very often recruiters do not mention salary information, office location, and other sensitive information. Also, pay attention to the importance of inclusivity these days in order to avoid discrimination and any possible hints of it. This means no requirements for gender, age, religious and political preferences should be mentioned for the candidate requirements.

Blog recruiting tips

Whether you are a fresh blogger that only starts the way of transforming a blog into a powerful recruiting tool or an experienced blogger, find several useful tips in this section. They will help you to build up or advance your existing blog recruiting strategy.

How to start a recruiting blog?

Creating a blog for the purposes of recruiting can be done in different ways depending on which instance you represent. If you are a dedicated recruitment agency, then you can create a blog section directly on your website. In case you are a freelance recruiter with established entrepreneurship, then you can either create a personal blog or embed one on the personal website if you have any. Recruiters working at the companies feel free to implement the information on vacancies within articles or social media channels.

When it comes to setting up a recruiting blog, you should also define whether it would be used exclusively for job posts or some other topics would be also covered there. This scenario is more likely to be implemented for freelance recruiters and recruiting agencies. Companies may create a dedicated section Careers on a business website and also provide information about open job postings on communication channels, including blogs and social media.

How to promote a job with blogging?

If you are writing an article that is exclusively dedicated to a specific job position, you should make it as entertaining as possible. Such articles must not look like job posts but have to contain some statistics, work specifics, information about the company, etc.

Whether you plan to provide information on open vacancies within other articles on your blog, you should create a dedicated section of text for that. That way, readers would be able to distinguish the information about job opportunities.

No matter what way of posting jobs on blogs you choose, you should use dedicated keywords that describe the job position. They will help people on the web to find your blog article including job information while surfing on the web.

It is highly recommended to refer to external sources and gain relevant backlinks to promote your blog. That way, more and more people will get to know about your blog and recruitment news there.

To attract attention to your recruiting blog, you may ask past and present employees to share their stories about your company. That way new candidates will have a better idea of the tasks for a definite role and the average workflow.