applications programming interfaces

Modern technology has opened a way for HR managers to adopt different tools that streamline and make their work easy. However, this can create issues such as having disparate data flows, inefficient HR processes, and ineffective user platforms.

Due to this, HR managers struggle with siloed applications that lead to unproductive and unnecessary burdens on their work. This can also lead to expensive data errors and poor performance of company employees. According to Kronos, up to 36 percent of HR managers think that poor technology has led to limited automation and poor organization of their onboarding programs.

This has forced HR managers to look for ways through which they can eliminate or reduce isolated and ineffective applications as well as the unproductivity they bring to the entire business.

Today, smart HR managers can implement new HR tools powered by Applications Programming Interfaces to boost the operations of their businesses and ensure that the business survives through advancing technology. Research by G2 Crowd has found that about 80 percent of HR professionals believe that incorporating modern HR technologies into their processes has improved employee attitude toward the company.

Applications Programming Interfaces

Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) are computing interfaces that power the communication and sharing of data between different applications. They have made it possible for organizations to come up with new and innovative solutions to streamline business operations. Through API management, they (organizations) are able to gain visibility into the operations of their APIs and rectify anything that does not meet their requirements.

APIs are making it possible for HR managers to develop streamlined and positive experiences for all their employees. Any organization that has not adopted API-powered tools for its HR processes is most likely operating siloed systems and affecting its operations.

Why Should HR Managers Adopt APIs?

Creates a Connected Enterprise

Adopting an API-powered solution makes it possible for HR managers to get good visibility into different aspects with regard to their employees. For instance, managing employee processes such as onboarding get easy and straightforward for them. APIs create a connected solution that effectively manages employees and their work.

On the other hand, developers can use APIs to develop integrations that eliminate the problem of having duplicated data entry. This allows HR managers to coordinate the elements of complex business processes spanning through disparate systems. 

Adopting these solutions is also easy. The API-powered applications are readily available, meaning that HR managers do not have to hire expensive software developers to build the solutions from scratch. All they need to do is to adopt an API and customize it to match their requirements.

Easy to Use Solutions

HR applications powered by APIs are made to focus on interoperability, connectivity, and freedom of choice. HR managers can adopt an API and customize it to match their requirements as well as those of the entire organization. In addition, they can come up with applications that are easy to use.

APIs give organizations the freedom of choice. For instance, small organizations lack the financial muscles enjoyed by large organizations. Finance Online claims that 57% of companies do not use an Applicant Tracking System because of cost. However, they can implement simple solutions to streamline their HR operations. As the company grows, it can integrate new features and solutions to take care of its growing needs. This is only possible with APIs.

APIs have the agility to make sure that different systems are integrated with each other to encourage interoperability. This makes it possible for such systems to respond to significant HR events such as terminations, new hires, and payroll among others in real-time. This powers business growth, with organizations benefiting from sustainability and value creation.

Who Should Adopt APIs?

APIs are driving the change in business operations. This means that there is a spectrum of solutions available for businesses of all sizes. They (businesses) have access to applications that can expand their operations with limited internal costs.

For instance, small organizations and startups do not need to be at a disadvantage due to the financial capabilities of large organizations. They can use API marketplaces to find practical HR tools that meet their budget requirements.

Large organizations, on the other hand, can leverage APIs to build custom solutions that easily connect their HR applications and products. They can even buy already built products that are easy to implement and use. This shows that every organization can adopt the use of APIs for their HR services, no matter their size or financial position.

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