One of the greatest methods to develop a successful hiring strategy is to keep up with the most recent hiring trends. This is especially important right now since, these days, hiring managers are having a hard time finding excellent applicants. As organizations struggle with a talent shortage, recruiting professionals seek fresh approaches to draw in skilled candidates. Now it has become crucial for HR professionals to shift their focus from evaluating the candidate by asking traditional HR-type questions, tell me about yourself examples, and also by following new trending ways to make the recruitment process effective. 

New Trends HR can make use of:

1. Use of Technology

Innovative technology has several pros and cons. Still, for 54% of HR recruiters, it’s more of an opportunity as technology helps speed up the recruitment process and increase accuracy. Many businesses use internally approved behavioral assessment tools as part of their online application process. The objective is to implement a strong and effective hiring process that saves managers time, leads to enhanced hire quality, and generates cost savings through a decrease in paper usage.

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2. Aggressive Use of Social media

As the use of Social media has increased drastically, HR professionals are using social media in their recruitment process. Research has shown that approximately 84% of organizations use social media to screen candidates in the recruitment process. They use social media for different purposes like posting jobs and finding the right candidate by doing a background check and scrutinizing the candidate’s profile. In this era, many HR are using the social media profile of a candidate as a tool to screen candidates and judge whether they will be the right fit or not.

3. Interview Questions

An interview, whether online or offline, is the most important part of any recruitment process. But now, almost every candidate knows what all questions an HR person can ask, “Tell me about yourself,” for example, and when they already know the question, they can easily create and practice answers. Hence to be one step ahead of the candidates, HR needs to come up with questions that can bring out the real personality of a candidate. Though these questions have become old, they can still help HR figure out the right candidate with the type of response they get. 

For example, instead of asking outdated questions like,” what is your strength” HR can ask, “Which training would you like to have to do the job successfully?”

4. AI in Video Interview

The use of video interviews for communication is rapidly gaining popularity. AI has the potential to advance the use of video interviews. In updated versions, candidate personality characteristics are evaluated. By analyzing facial expressions, movements, and speech, AI may assist recruitment operations in evaluating a candidate’s concentration, expertise, and confidence.

5. Gamification

Gamification is currently being used in recruitment where candidates are invited to play a game. The firms who create the games assert that by studying how each player behaves and performs in the game, they can create a meaningful profile of each candidate.

6. Using chatbots

More applications are being converted into candidates with the help of chatbots in the hiring process. For instance, chatbots allow prospects to learn more about the company before applying, saving a human recruiter’s time from having to answer similar inquiries.


The world of recruitment is evolving quickly, shifting from traditional recruiting methods to now using technology to hire candidates. In this highly competitive world, HR needs to push itself a step ahead to recruit the best candidate in the market. Though cliched questions like “tell me about yourself,” for example, are still followed, being a very open-ended question, it can still help HR understand the candidate. Apart from these, HR needs to know and implement new ways to complete and yield the best result.