When most business leaders consider how they can use video content in their company, the focal point tends to be on marketing. Video marketing has proven to be a powerful way to connect with customers and boost the bottom line. However, the marketing department isn’t the only group that can benefit from this type of content.
HR professionals and recruiters have a prime opportunity to attract top talent using video job ads. Here are some of the main benefits of this modern approach to recruiting and crafting job postings.

Creates Familiarity with the Business

It’s bold to assume that everyone who applies for a job with your organization has heard of you before— especially when on the hunt for top talent. Unless you’re a household name, like Google, there’s a good chance that the first time a job applicant hears about you will be when they see a job posting. They’ll likely use that job posting to do some research on your company before applying— using Google.
Including a video as a part of the job posting will give you an opportunity to shape the narrative surrounding your business. This video will act as the first impression and create a sense of familiarity. By taking this approach, a candidate will know what to expect regarding your office set-up and recognize some of the people who work in your business. This video is also a powerful opportunity to showcase indefinable qualities surrounding your company culture and values.
By using a video in your job ad, a candidate will feel comfortable walking through the front door of your business because they feel like they’ve already been there.

Promotes Social Sharing

It’s no secret that video content gets shared on social media more than static content. Using professional video ad templates to craft a job posting can extend your reach and get your job opening in front of more qualified candidates. By casting this wider net, HR professionals and recruiters will have a deeper candidate pool to choose from and increase the odds of finding the perfect fit for the job.
The higher form of social sharing also helps keep recruitment costs low, as the content will be shared organically. Using social media connections to share video content has been a successful strategy for recruiters, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs for years now.

Conveys Information Efficiently

There’s an adage about storytelling that says, “don’t tell me; show me.” Using video can help recruiters convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Rather than crafting long paragraphs about the company’s culture, a quick video can make the content easily digestible. Furthermore, using visual components is proven to improve information retention, making your job posting more memorable. 
Using a video in your job advertisement also showcases that your company values the candidate’s time. Many people prefer to consume video content for that reason: why spend ten minutes reading information that you could learn in two minutes with a video?

Highlights the Company Selling Features

In many ways, job listings are a form of marketing. Rather than marketing what your company sells, you’re marketing what makes your company worth working for. While candidates may be competing against each other for a position, your business could be competing against others for the best candidate.
Put together a video that acts as a highlight real of all the best aspects of the business. This reel could include anything from the employee benefits to the welcoming work environment. It can showcase a combination of facts and statistics, as well as anecdotal evidence from long-time employees.

Can be Repurposed

Finally, one of the overarching benefits of using video content is that it can be repurposed, improving the ROI of production costs. Video content can be reused with a voice-over outlining the specifics of the job. Content can be compiled from or reused for onboarding and training videos. You can even simplify the written portion of your job posting by using the same spoken content transcribed within the ad.
In summary, using video content in job ads can help improve reach and attract top talent for a minimal cost and high ROI. The question, it seems, isn’t why you should use video content in your company’s job ads, but why you haven’t started already.

Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels