In 2014, the HR Trend Institute was formulated, and as a result, there have been several updates each year regarding HR changes. Every year comes with a different challenge. People involved in the sector can quickly identify several issues and list ideas for making the industry better. Below are the best HR trends to look out for in 2021. 

The Hybrid Office

Over the years, the working environment has been slowly changing. For example, big offices were divided into small rooms for each department, then came large floors with cubicles, and finally an open-space where every employee could move as they fulfill their duties.

In the past months, the COVID-19 outbreak has left many organizations with other options for office work. The hybrid office is the latest trend whereby people can work from home and accomplish their duties effectively. However, when setting up a hybrid office, you should consider the following aspects:

  • The home situation
  • The nature of work
  • The personality of the worker
  • The tasks at hand. 

Although there are several organizations with multi-use offices, they have to find more solutions to personalize the offices better to improve productivity. Otherwise, the hybrid office is among the latest HR trends in 2021. 

Skill mapping

Every company focuses on future growth. That is why skill mapping is among the latest HR trends whereby top leaders can evaluate employees’ current skills and future skills. Having skill mapping knowledge helps the organization in the following ways:

  • Career development- Through skill mapping, you can advise your employees on the best skills they can look out for to succeed in the future. For example, you can turn some of the custom essay writers to editing tasks or offer someone to change the position to a more suitable one.
  • Recruitment process- At times, you can search for people with rare skills, and in some cases, you may fail to find an ideal candidate. In such a scenario, you can use skill mapping techniques to get people with adjacent skills. 
  • Redeploying people: Career development keeps taking a new route. At times, some skills may turn outdated and irrelevant. However, with skill mapping, you can engage in the latest adjacent skills. 

The Personal User Guide

In the past years, personalization has been among the HR trends, and it is still among the top trends embraced by many people. The purpose of the personal user guide I to help others within your working environment understand you better. When creating a personalized guide, use the following ideas:

  • Include all your weaknesses
  • Be real with other people
  • Highlight your best social interactions preferences
  • Be transparent enough
  • Show respect to other team members for who they are
  • Embrace positive discussions
  • Devise means to build trust among the team members. 

Ethical leadership

There are many parties involved in an organization, for example, clients, employees, and other candidates. All these teams look forward to the right working environment, and it all depends on the leadership. In case an organization gives a toxic environment a blind eye, the repercussions will be bad enough, and it will affect their business at large. For this reason, if the leadership of an organization notices the following behaviors, they should act quickly. 

  • Possibilities of nepotism
  • When some members make irrelevant jokes
  • Gender biases and racial differences
  • Making irrelevant decisions. 

Digital tracking/ The return of Big Brother

Many leaders within an organization won’t openly admit it, but they want to control their people deep down. Although there is trust, they still want to control all the activities within the organization. That is why there is a lot of software used to monitor the employees. Some of the software includes hubstaff, Teramind, controlio, interguard, among many more. 


In every career field, some changes happen as the organization grows. As people work, they realize different approaches they can use to make the industry a better place. In the HR sector, there are many trends to look out for in 2021. Check out the above trends to familiarize yourself with all of them. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels