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Nearly every industry experiences some trends every now and then. There are fashion trends, fitness trends, diet trends, and dozens of other kinds. Many of the most popular industries will experience trends as the industry changes or matures. The world of business is no different. New methods, new technologies, and simply new ways of doing things are constantly being discovered.

One of the business areas that are at the forefront when it comes to these trends in HR. HR is incredibly important to a business, and thus, companies are always looking at trends to identify ways to improve and optimize the performance of their HR department.

But just which trends are going to be big in HR throughout 2020? Without any further ado, let’s look at a couple of the biggest trends of 2020 in the HR industry.

An Increased Use of Applicant Tracking Systems

When a job position opens at a firm, there are normally a ton of people applying for it. In fact, some stats show that a corporate job offer can often receive 250 resumes. Trying to sift through all of these by hand could take an HR team a lot of time. Instead, many used an applicant tracking system (ATS) now.

These systems will automatically check over the submitted resumes, organize them, and sort them as well. It will make it much easier to identify the best candidates for the job, and optimize the entire process. They can filter these applications based on keywords, skills, or other instructions.

If you are a potential employee worried about your resume being denied by these ATS or an employer not sure where to start looking for new talent, don’t be. Here’s a great place to get started, it is not only high-quality but will also satisfy the requirements of both the employer and potential employee. Having these systems installed at a company can often help hiring managers find and reach out to the right applicants quicker than ever.

A Bigger Focus on Work-Life Balance

Many employees are working more than ever. This can put an increased strain on their relationships, social lives, and hobbies. Employees who are overworked or burnt out are often less productive and may even harbor resentment. In order to have happier and more productive workers, consider focusing more on work/life balance.

You need to have healthy boundaries in place when it comes to work hours, overtime, and things related to that. Allow for remote work if possible, or even offer flexible working hours or workspaces. Offering these types of benefits that improve work/life balance can help employees remain loyal to your company, and could even attract quality employees to your team.

Upskilling Becomes Much More Common

Just like the processes and methods are always changing due to technology and other advancements, your employees need to keep up as well. If you don’t train your employees on new technologies or tools, but still have large expectations for them, you could be in for a bad time.

As a result, be sure to upskill your employees whenever the time calls for it. Doing so will ensure they are in possession of the additional skills needed to keep up with the changing demands of your workplace. This will also help them grow as people, and they will be incredibly thankful that you have helped them become better workers and grow their skillset. Also, the more skilled your employees are, the better your business will perform.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you identify some of the biggest trends that the HR industry will see in 2020.

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