We live in a time of drastic changes in the economy. With the rise of work automation and AI, routine repetitive activities are in decline and emerging jobs require advanced creativity and soft skills. After the pandemic, remote work became a new normal even in large enterprises. It fosters flexibility, advanced communication skills, and more diversity in teams.

These changes mean that what worked in the industrial age no longer applies to the knowledge economy. Companies can’t rely on the 9 to 5 office routine anymore if they want to attract the best talent and keep ahead of the competition. In order to succeed they need to focus on building a strong culture based on adaptability, empathy, and the sense of belonging. What are the most efficient ways to do this based on the latest findings from neuroscience, behavioural science, and social science? In the infographic below we gathered the scientifically proven practical methods to foster your team’s resilience and creativity.

Running Remote is the world’s largest conference for the CEOs and Founders of remote-first businesses where they discuss the latest trends of the future of work, emerging challenges, and ways to overcome them. This infographic is based on the talk that Sally Thornton, the CEO & founder of Forshay, gave at one of the virtual events.