Are you stressed out? Everyone feels stress in one way or another, yet some people are better equipped to handle the pressure of a high-stress environment. If your career path is particularly stressful than you must find a way to manage this stress effectively if you plan to thrive in your position.

Work-related stress can extend beyond the job and interfere with your personal life. If you are faced with consistently stressful situations at work these suggestions might be the ticket to relieving the pressures of your workday so you can enjoy your time off.

Work-life balance is an expression that is often overused and can easily be misused. Although the goal is worthy, it is likely your mind will gravitate towards your work as most spend the majority of their time working. With the standard work week spanning the five days Monday through Friday and when considering the average American takes less than 2 weeks vacation, employees spend more than 68 percent of our year working.

It’s no wonder work-related stressors can impact your personal life when you consider how much of your time is consumed by your job. The truth is, however, the stress is likely to grow along with your responsibilities if you continue to ascend the metaphoric ladder of your organizational chart.

You can effectively manage stress in many ways that can have far-reaching effects beyond the stress levels in your life. Although this article is not a recipe to lighten your workload, it can be a recipe to lighten the burden of your workload. Appreciating mistakes for what they are and acknowledging their educational silver lining can be a good start to mindfulness.

Take a step back and analyze how the things that might otherwise feel like minutiae of your workday be influencing your emotions and stressing you out. In this visual from GetCRM you will find actionable lifestyle changes that can help manage your stress at work:

[Infographic] Managing Work-Related Stress

As you can see, managing stress is about being mindful of the moment and taking steps to improve your reaction to each passing moment. These suggestions are not meant to add any more stress to your life, in fact, all of these tips should be implemented only when you see fit.

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