One of the most common questions to ask an entrepreneur or business owner is if they are a leader or a manager. This, understandably, confuses a lot of people as the words “leader” and “manager” have long been since used interchangeably with the belief that they are synonymous to one another. But while they technically do, at least colloquially, mean the same, the whole truth is that there are some distinct differences between them that should cease being overlooked.

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In a basic sense, the biggest difference between a manager and a leader is the way they motivate people to accomplish their tasks and work towards a common goal. This sets the tone for most of what they do, how they approach people in their team and business, how they react during crises, and the overall atmosphere of the employees and of the business.

While there is nothing wrong with being one or the other, it’s still important that you are able to see the difference between them and where you stand. This is because knowing if you truly are a leader or are a manager will help you establish yourself in terms of personal growth and improvement, the team’s current standpoint in terms of reaching your common project goals, and overall progress in meeting organizational objectives. It also helps you assess how else can the team improve under your supervision, and what you are doing to ensure that everyone is growing at a reasonable pace, is kept on the same page, and what can be done in regards to unforeseen circumstances.

Here are the seven enormous differences between a leader and a manager that you should know, as key takeaways from the infographic:

  1. Leaders seek vision, managers focus on objectives
  2. Leaders initiate change, managers maintain stability
  3. Leaders take risk, managers minimize risk
  4. Leaders think long-term, managers work on short-term
  5. Leaders rest on learning, managers depend on existing skills
  6. Leaders build relationships, managers establish processes and systems
  7. Leaders have followers, managers have subordinates

Learn more about these differences with this infographic by Healthy Business Builder now.

Are You a Leader or a Manager Here Are the Differences You Should Know

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