Most businesses have a pretty firm strategy concerning how to keep their employees engaged and productive on a normal day – and how to deal with them when things go wrong. There is an in between stage, however, that can be better approached in order to maintain high quality output before mistakes happen. When your crew is under more stress than usual, when long hours are called for, and everyone’s getting tired, you need to have a plan to keep things going smoothly.

The trick is to spot such a busy period before it happens and to be prepared for it. That means making certain adjustments to the work environment in order to deal with tiring times when they come up – thus keeping your employees productive when otherwise they might lag.

For example, make sure that breaks are sacred. You might reduce the number or length of breaks during busy times, but their regularity should persist: taking even a few seconds breather actually improves productivity, rather than being a waste of valuable time.

You might also innovate with some hardware: standing desks can boost even a tired worker’s productivity by promoting a positive mood and combating stress. And plastic bottles with hydration trackers can help your team to keep themselves hydrated when they might otherwise forget or lose track of how much they’re drinking. Proper hydration can prevent fatigue, which means your employees should remain focussed during a long and difficult day.

A number of such stress-busting tips have been included in this new infographic from STL. Each of them will work best if planned in advance, but some you can also pull out of your hat during an unexpected busy spell. Share this with your colleagues and you’re sure to see them make it that extra mile when business is booming and the days are long.

 How To Keep Your Team Energized When Exhaustion Sets In

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