How do you start and end your busy workday? As a busy professional, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your calendar of back-to-back meetings and a long list of to do’s or requests. However, making small changes to the first and last minutes of your day can help you regain control of your time and schedule. These simple tweaks will help you reflect back on your day with fulfillment and look forward to the next day with ease.

A basic principle of productivity includes trusting in and making small increments to build towards better long-term habits. Be accountable for your time in the morning. Use the first 15 minutes of your day to be mindful and recognize what needs improvement. Don’t dive right into your to-do list. Instead, check in with yourself and your team to prioritize what you need to accomplish that day.

Use the last 15 minutes of your day to set yourself up for success the next morning. Wrapping up loose ends and taking care of small projects will help you leave work at the office. Most importantly, log out and disconnect from your devices when it’s appropriate. Doing so will help you facilitate a better work-life balance and give you an opportunity to focus on the people or passions you care about outside of work.

Making small shifts in your daily routine can help you work smarter, not harder and will allow you to be more productive and happy both inside and outside the office. Create an intentional routine with 10 helpful tips by Fundera on how to start and end your workday.

[Infographic] How To Start And End Your Workday

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