Maintaining a productive workforce is a tricky task. Especially considering the varying personalities that sit on your office floor; each one accustomed to their very own way of working.

But productivity is an important factor in any businesses success.

To help better understand workplace productivity, Armstrong Appointments, put together an infographic looking at when worker productivity is at a high and when it dips. The infographic also takes a look at what employees and employers can do to promote a more productive attitude within the workplace.

For instance: did you know that Tuesday mornings are our most productive time in the working week? That the highest performing 10% of workers knuckle down for 52 minutes punctuated by a 17 minute break? And that happiness at work can contribute to a 12% increase in productivity?

Information like this can help businesses tailor their approach to office life. By adapting office and work policies around data like that shown in the infographic below a company can instil a higher level of productivity within their workforce. Not only this, but it also creates a much happier work environment at the same time.

A win, win.

Check out the infographic in full below to find out how you can improve workplace productivity today.


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