The office can be a pretty full-on experience. Messages arrive left, right and center, never when you expect them, and often asking more attention than you’re able to afford. Meetings with clients get you away from the computer screen, but are just as demanding in their own way.

By the time you reach the end of the day, you are exhausted and have only achieved a fraction of the work you originally set out to do. Well, there’s a way you can up your productivity, reduce stress, and still feel fresh enough for some quality off-duty time. And while it requires a little application, it need hardly be called work.

Taking proper, high-quality breaks at work is good for you. If you’re accustomed to working right through without a break, you’re not doing anyone any favors: you will actually be more productive if you take some downtime every half an hour or ninety minutes. And if you already have breaks factored into your schedule but you fritter them away on Facebook or staring into space, you’re not fully optimizing this great opportunity to boost your creativity and energy.

Whether you have five minutes to yourself or thirty minutes to burn, there are plenty of simple options to better take care of your mind and body. In five minutes you can do some desk yoga, whereas half an hour will give you time for a walk outside or even a massage.

A short break can be a good chance to read an inspiring article, while a longer break gives you time to listen to a podcast – perhaps on a subject that shines new light on the task to which you will return.

This new infographic gathers a range of interesting options together so you can plan out your new regime in advance. Take care of yourself properly while you’re at work, and you’ll soon see the benefits in your professional life and in how you feel about the world.

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