Has relocating for a job ever been an option that was placed before you? Did you consider relocating to take a position at new company or moving to a new location through your current employer? Whatever the reason, you should be well informed about the statistics regarding a job relocation. Allied Van Lines surveyed a total of 3,500 individuals in order to find out a number of details about job relocations.  Some of those details include who has relocated for a job, the main reasons they relocated, the demographics of those who decided to relocate, and much more.

This infographic created by Allied Van Lines breaks down the six most common reasons one may consider a job relocation. Based on the answers from 501 respondents, job relocations occurred for a number of reasons that include career advancement or more money, to be closer to family, and much more.  Along with this vital data, the infographic also examines the percentage of males who relocated for a job verses the percentage of females who decided to make the move.

The information provided also considers which age groups are more likely to relocate for a job versus which ones will be more inclined to stay home. It is also beneficial to know what percentage of companies do and do not offer relocation packages. The infographic not only supplies that information, but it also gives interesting details about how relocation packages relate to the size of a company. Since relocating to a new area for job purposes is no small task, it is vital that you understand what type of incentives you should ask for. Therefore, there is also information in this infographic that details the type of compensation that is provided by companies. This data is also broken down by percentages.

So if you are considering a career related move in the future, then you should definitely take an in depth look at what this infographic has to offer. This detailed study provides valuable information about job relocations and what to expect during this major life change. Although relocating will indeed present a number of challenges, it is essential to be equipped with as much information as possible so that you can make the transition smoothly.

Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation Everything You Need To Know About Job Relocation

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