As more and more businesses have moved remote and therefore may not all work in the same city, having a diverse health care package is as necessary as ever. 

One of the biggest pieces to the employee health care package puzzle is mental health benefits. Nearly 40% of employers have expanded mental health benefits since the pandemic began. 

Prioritizing employee mental health encourages and fosters a healthy environment where issues are dealt with as soon as they arise and succumbing to stress and burnout is a thing of the past. It strengthens mental resilience and stimulates creativity, something every element of the business will benefit from, whether it’s problem solving or client relations. 

Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism

Absenteeism can be frustrating. Having someone call in sick when a big project is due or the day of a big team meeting can throw a wrench into plans, especially if the work environment isn’t one conducive to making decisions that foster healthy, balanced lives. 

Presenteeism is even worse. A recent survey showed that the average employee loses almost 58 days a year due to presenteeism. Meaning they show up to work but they are sick, unproductive or unfocused due to any number of health reasons, either theirs or a loved one’s. 

Changing the narrative around mental health and offering flexible hours are just two of the tools you can implement right now to make sure your employees are well taken care of. 

If your employees feel like you care, they will in turn take care of your business. A program that focuses on the five elements of well-being – career well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, physical well-being, and community well-being is important. Making sure it also includes virtual care so that all employees have access, removing socio economic barriers will ensure you are giving your employees the best possible chance at a balanced and healthy life. 

Duffy & Duffy PLLC have put together a great list of tips and tools you can start implementing today to create an employee health program that prioritizes mental health.

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