Offering feedback to coworkers, workplace flexibility, performance indicators and managers’ discomfort in communicating with employees #FridayFinds

This week’s main themes in article roundup are feedback and the employee experience – two highly discussed topics that leave a lot of space for improvement.

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Now back to this week’s best articles:

How to Tell a Coworker They’re Annoying You

Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life talks about a smart feedback technique that can help you convey your feelings in an assertive manner, without permanently damaging your working relationships.

Giving feedback to coworkers has been known to cause panic and paranoia, especially if that coworker is your manager. And it’s natural to feel inhibited by the potential reaction of the person you’re trying to communicate with. As you’ll see in this article, it’s all about how you convey your message and how you initiate the conversation around it, to reach a constructive solution.

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How Companies Increase Profits through Workplace Flexibility

Working flexibility is a key aspiration for today’s employees, especially for Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z. More specifically, the freedom to choose the where and how of the way they work, in order to perform and advance in their development.

Companies who recognize this trend and are prepared to make it a workplace reality are seeing encouraging results in terms of company culture and even business profits, as Shawn Murphy details in his article.

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3 Performance Indicators That Will Make Or Break Your Company

I especially liked this article because it brings into focus an essential part of what we talk about here on Hppy –  employee objectives. Focusing on the employee experience should become a way of doing business.

Seeing as companies are currently using a combination of financial and customer-focused indicators, the article points to a third type of measurements which are essential to meeting your company’s goals; these are employee-centered metrics such as employee engagement, satisfaction and turnover.

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Two-Thirds of Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating with Employees

In a cyclical approach, we’re ending today’s article roundup with a look into how managers are also uncomfortable offering feedback to their employees. It’s only human. But it’s also bad for business.

The article analyzes the findings of a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll with 2,058 U.S. adults, which revealed that a stunning majority (69%) of the managers said that they’re often uncomfortable communicating with employees, and offers some practical guidelines to improve this situation.

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