The Modern Work Culture, Are Employees Disposable, Good Managers Make A Difference And The Business Case For Diversity #FridayFinds

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Why ‘Modern’ Work Culture Makes People So Miserable

This is by no means a light article to end your week but it does offer a valuable perspective into what the modern work culture has come to mean and how it affects individuals around the world.

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, and author of Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time, takes a hard look at how we got to this point and what the future holds for our workplaces.

“What’s missing from the current labor market is a sense of humanity—as contrasted with lots of emphasis on efficiency, costs, and productivity.”

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Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Dan Lyons pulls the curtain into the company culture that he experienced at HubSpot and how that translated into managing and engaging employees.

He offers an interesting perspective on how retention is no longer a major concern for a lot of companies, who treat “workers as if they are widgets to be used up and discarded.” In his view, this is a central part of the revised relationship between employers and employees that techies proclaim is an innovation as important as chips and software, originating from Silicon Valley.

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Proof That Good Managers Really Do Make a Difference

More evidence is always appreciated, especially economical evidence that supports this very important idea that the difference between well-managed and poorly managed firms depends in large part on the quality of the people they hire as managers.

In his latest article for HBR, Walter Frick talks about new research that identified the reason why well-managed firms have better employees – not only do they hire better people but they also do a better job of getting worse ones to leave. The research also found that well-managed firms also tend to pay their workers better, even after accounting for ability.

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How To Make A Better Business Case For Diversity

A topic that should always be discussed and embraced, especially now, in the wake of so much media controversy surrounding diversity. It seems that diversity is excellent for workplaces because it drives innovation, growth and tolerance.

“Different kinds of people will come up with different kinds of ideas, and the more variety, the better.”

Todd L. Pittinsky, professor of technology and society at Stony Brook University

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