Meaningful Work, Autonomy - The Key To Happiness, Modern Day Commute And The BYOD Trend

Another busy week for HR content writers who took on some of the latest trends and workplace issues and detailed them in these inspiring articles.

Here are this week’s most interesting and informative stories from the world of HR:

7 lessons about finding the work you were meant to do

At some point in our lives, we all face the question of what our true calling is. What work are we meant to be doing and how do we get there?

StoryCorps founder Dave Isay believes that “when people have found their calling, they’ve made tough decisions and sacrifices in order to do the work they were meant to do; (…) “finding your calling — it’s not passive.” These 7 key lessons are a great guide to help you actively pursue your calling and find meaningful work.

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The key to happiness at work isn’t money–it’s autonomy

We couldn’t agree more. Autonomy is a key engagement and happiness driver. It means having a job where you can make at least some of the decisions on your own, be in control of your work and its outcomes, in a way that makes you feel valuable.

Autonomy has also been shown to alleviate negative emotions felt by customer-service employees doing stressful work. The importance of autonomy becomes even more clear when compared to the deleterious effects of micromanagement.

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Catering for the modern day commute

Did you know that biking to work has increased by 60% in the US alone? In Europe, the traditional bike shed is being replaced by an array of creative solutions from cycle-in offices in London to automated underground bike storage lockers in city centers, to accommodate the growing number of cyclist commuters.

This trend has increased pressure on limited space, making way for innovative bike storage systems such as Eco Cycle, which stores bikes underground, and Active Commuting, which provides modular containers with storage and showering facilities.

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Tracking the Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work

BYOD is still being referred to as a new workplace trend when, in fact, it has become the new norm for many workplaces all over the world. Bring your own device to work (BYOD) is a recent tendency brought on by the fast growing market penetration for smartphones, tablets and notebooks, that allows employees to utilize personal devices to perform their job.

For two years running, BYOD existed in over half the 300 companies surveyed by HBR: 35% of organizations officially allowed it and 20% did not officially allow it but acknowledged its existence. It seems that the BYOD trend has risen significantly in one part of the workforce — client-facing employees. It’s also more common among the high performers in that category.

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