How Annual Reviews Damage Engagement, Career Jumping, Organizing Your Office and Closing The Skills Gap #FridayFinds

It’s March already (I feel like we’ve skipped a month) and it’s Employee Appreciation Day in the US!

On behalf of our employee engagement and workplace happiness community, allow me to thank all the hardworking, enthusiastic and involved employees who’ve given their talent and their energy to create amazing projects, fulfill deadlines and drive business growth!

If you’ve missed the heads-up and you’re searching for a last minute, original idea to appreciate your team members or if you’re generally looking for new recognition activities, try this unique employee appreciation idea.

And here are this week’s most remarkable articles from the world of HR:

Why The Annual Review Process Damages Employee Engagement

Kathy Caprino talks to Dominique Jones, Chief People Officer of Halogen Software about performance reviews and industry practices that have turned this process into a dreaded experience for employees.

Advocating ongoing feedback, employee coaching and nontraditional employee review systems that have been proven to be much more effective, this article goes into how the new workplace supports employee development and how efficiency and performance should be measured.

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Career Jumping – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Part of Talent Culture’s #WorkTrends series, this is a brief presentation of the live session with Mike Lewis, founder of WhenToJump, who discussed why top talent jump today more than ever before.

You can access the full recording and find out how to retain top talent from “jumping”, how to explore internal jumps and the steps involved in making a successful jump.

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5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Office and Maximize Productivity

Clutter is one of productivity’s worst enemies. If your workspace is a total mess, chances are you’ll feel a significant drain on your creativity and work performance, and even feel more anxious.

This life-saving article offers a boost in mental clarity and productivity to any office worker with approximately 30 minutes to spare.

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HR Closing Skills Gap As People Analytics Pace Picks Up

As the new Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report was just launched, many industry websites have summed up some of its key findings that HR professionals should start focusing on.

If you don’t want to go through the full report just yet, explore this summary of findings, including how new HR roles such as “chief experience officer” and “chief listening officer” have been created to improve learning opportunities for all employees and close a skills gap within the HR function.

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Happy weekend!