Temping is a quick and flexible way to get a new person into your business. Whether this is to fill a gap in staffing, help clear a backlog of work, or assist with a new project, a temp candidate can be an immediate and effective solution.  

In fact, the number of temporary workers in the UK rose by 63,000 in 2022, showing how valuable the impact of temporary staff can be for businesses up and down the country. 

In this article, we explore what is a temporary worker, the advantages of hiring in this way and how it can benefit the needs of your business.

What is A Temporary Worker? 

A temporary worker is a candidate who works at your organisation but is employed on a temporary basis through a recruitment agency. They are, therefore, not on your payroll but paid by the agency who will then invoice you directly for their services. Generally, a temp is on an hourly rate, paid weekly, and will submit a timesheet with the hours they have worked.

A temp worker is not subject to a notice period, and they are usually available to start immediately, so can be a fast solution if there is an urgent business need.

Temp candidates can be found across various industry sectors and roles, so depending on the skills you require, there should be someone out there available to step in at short notice and provide the support required.

temporary workers
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What are the benefits of hiring temporary employees?

There can be concern over how hiring a temporary candidate will work and whether it will fit in with your business and add value. However, there are many benefits of hiring in this way, some of which we outline below.


Flexibility is one of the main advantages of temping as it allows you to have a new member of staff without committing to them long term. Perhaps you have a gap between one person leaving and the replacement starting and there is a gap in employment which you need to cover for. Or you are unsure exactly the type of person or skills required for a role and a temp candidate will allow you to assess the needs of the business

Alternatively, you could have a backlog of work you need assistance with or your business is expanding quickly and a temp candidate can help fill a resource gap. There are many different scenarios we see as to why companies require temporary support, but the flexibility it offers makes it an attractive and easy solution.


Temporary workers are usually available immediately and are ready to hit the ground running, providing immediate impact. The benefits of using a temping agency is that they will understand your needs and the team fit or company culture, meaning they will be able to put the right person in place quickly, avoiding you having to spend time doing extensive rounds of interviews. As the candidates tend to be on no, or short notice periods, they can start quickly providing a speedy hiring solution.

Try before committing

In some cases, companies hire a temporary candidate who they are considering taking on a permanent basis but wish to test them out, prior to making a permanent offer. This only works if the potential candidate is available to do this, and willing, but it can be a good way for both parties to test out the role under a more informal arrangement.

New skills

A temp worker can be a great way to bring new skills into a business. Perhaps there is a specific project or team who needs some fresh ideas and a temp can be a great source of knowledge particularly if they have worked in a similar sector previously. Utilising your talent and the knowledge they hold can improve processes, and ideas and strengthen team morale.


A temp candidate will not be on your payroll and, therefore, not on your headcount. If you are under strict restrictions on employee numbers but need additional support, a temp candidate could be the solution. The recruitment agency you hire through are responsible for the statutory tax and pension contributions for the employee, as well as running the payroll, so it will take the administrative function away from you.

Key Takeaway

There are many highly qualified candidates available to provide temp support on the market today, but this influx in temporary workers isn’t just a flash in the pan phenomenon.

The number of temporary workers on the market has consistently risen over the course of the past decade, with a 29% increase in the number of temporary staff seen over that time period.

Working with an experienced temporary recruitment agency with a strong network, should allow you to attract temporary workers with the necessary skills to provide the support your business requires. It is a quick and flexible way to resolve urgent employment needs… you never know who you might find!