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You’re ready to give the position in your company to someone extremely talented and active. But you have to be sure your job descriptions look good and convincing if you want to find an expert among millennials. Sometimes it’s really difficult to attract those who are born after 1980th in order to hire them. “Even the best HR software and the most talented recruiter won’t help in case the company’s aims and culture doesn’t match the expectations of a millennial,” says Head of HR Department from Pro Essay Writer company.  This person is looking for a meaningful position and desires to be useful for the world. We collected simple tips that will help you to create effective job descriptions to make an impact on millennials. Keep on reading and hire professionals.

8 Tips on How to Write Great Job Descriptions to Hire Millennials

Time passes by and each generation has its own opinion connected with job achievements. Millennials want to change the world, be involved in something really valuable. Sometimes it’s hard to convince a person of this generation to accept your job offer but these simple steps will help you to create an attractive job descriptions:

1. Be concise and up-to-date.

Once you decided to seek young people to occupy a position in your company, you have to find out more about their aims. Millennials don’t only want to get a comfortable working place but they also want their work to be filled with sense. Include everything that is special about your company and the position you offer in a job advertisement. Describe the contribution a millennial will make while working in your organization. And don’t forget to tell about the salary and career opportunities inside your company. Consider including soft skills and professional development to make a young expert to become a part of your team.

2. Write short job descriptions.

Millennials got used to changes, they want to live fast and get everything fast. They don’t want to waste their time on confusing long job advertisements. Determine the most important information about your company and the position you offer. Write a short description and try to impress a young job seeker with the key moments connected with this work. 

3. Describe the responsibilities and perks clearly.

Sometimes employers write only about the skills they expect to see in a candidate but they give very little information about their responsibilities. Describe the processes a job seeker is going to cover in the position to give a clear understanding of the tasks a person will fulfill. There are employers who don’t write much about the responsibilities and when a candidate accepts an offer he realizes that he has to do almost everything in a company. Consider adding the description of perks a job seeker will get in your organization to make an advertisement more attractive.

4. Show you have value for your team.

Millennials want to see that you put people to the first place in your company. Tell more about your team and corporate culture inside your company. If you arrange team-building events, add this information to the advertisement. In this case, a person, who’s looking for a job, will definitely pay attention to your offer.

5. Use social media to attract millennials.

Consider the fact that a candidate will look for the information about your company and team on social media. That’s why you have to take care of your brand’s communities and create an excellent image there. Add photos and videos telling about the working processes, tell about the organization’s projects and events, etc.

6. Make your job descriptions stand out from many others.

Don’t be too corporate in your job descriptions. Add some personalization touches and show that you and your team are ordinary people who’re looking for another member of their family. You can be informal or creative but you should always be informative and understandable.

7. Prove you’re flexible with working processes.

New times come up with new rules and you have to know about them everything. Moreover, you have to be ready to offer them to millennials. For example, you can attract a young candidate with a flexible working schedule or remote job position. 

8. Promise professional growth.

Millennials are looking for jobs where they can develop their skills,  get new knowledge, and expectations for a higher salary. Show you’re interested in the professional growth of your staff and ready to provide the team with literature, courses, and trainees. A young candidate will definitely appreciate this attitude and pay attention to your advertisement. 

The Conclusion

Young job seekers are expecting to get an offer from a company where they will grow, develop, and be useful. They want to understand that their leader values for them and is ready to accept the newest tendencies in employment. Keep this in mind and exploit our tips to find the most talented professionals among millennials. 

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