Your Daily Guide To Happiness at Work

One of the easiest ways to become happy is to practice it every day. That’s why we designed this quick guide to happiness at work.

If you follow some simple steps to monitor and improve your mood, you can program your brain to be happy and give you more energy every day.

Here are a couple of rules to guide you throughout the day

• Start your morning with a 10 min exercise. It will make your body feel more energized and active and it will improve your mood almost instantly.

• If you don’t have the patience or the time to exercise in the morning and you live nearby you should walk to work to counter the negative effects of sitting all day. You could also get down a bus stop earlier or park your car a block away, and walk from there on.

• Smile! When you get to work make sure you say Hi! To everyone and smile. Take it a step further and ask people how their morning was.

 • Have a good coffee or a fresh juice before you dive into work.

• Prioritize your tasks for the day and start with the most important ones. If you have a complex and time-consuming task that you’re afraid to start, assign ten minutes to work on it. After you’ll get started, chances are you’re going to get into a flow that will help you finish it successfully.

• Take breaks every hour or so, to stretch your legs and your mind. You could walk around the office and talk to some people, get out for a breath of fresh air or drink a glass of water. Keeping your brain hydrated is like giving candy to a kid, it will make it really happy.

• Don’t forget to grab lunch! You should enjoy your lunch with some colleagues. Having friends at work is one of the top aspects of workplace happiness.

• Make sure you wrap-up your day and acknowledge your tiny victories. It’s great to have high standards and big objectives but it’s also very important to be grateful for the small things you get done in a day. You’ll leave work with a satisfied feeling and start the next day with a good feeling.

• Monitor your mood by keeping a happiness journal. You can also use Hppy Apps to stay on top of your happiness journey.

• There is life after work. Invest in your hobbies, friends and family. Having a balanced life makes you happier and more productive in your work.


Start following these easy steps and keep track of your progress. Come up with new ways of feeling happy at work and share them with your colleagues. You can also share them with us in a comment bellow or on our Social Media channels.

Print your daily guide to happiness at work and have it in the office as an everyday reminder.

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