Today is not about work. Today you’re not worker/employee/ employer/ manager/ assistant etc. Today is about meaning and happiness.

Challenging the status quo

In its essence, Labor Day is about challenging the status quo. Its origin lies in the struggle for an eight hours working day, called by organized Trade and Labor Unions in the late 80s in the US, Canada and across Europe, when people were forced to work ten, even fourteen hours a day. It’s also referred to as International Workers Day.

In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada passed a resolution which asserted the following:

“Eight hours shall constitute a legal day’s work from and after May 1, 1886, and that we recommend to labor organizations throughout this district that they so direct their laws as to conform to this resolution”.


The moment when you stand up for your rights and your beliefs is the moment you have the power to change the status quo. It’s not enough to have a right, you have to fight for it.

Happiness is the new 8h goal

A hundred and twenty years ago we rebelled against the injustice of a job taking over our lives. Not being able to enjoy our family, our homes and our passions made us stand up and demand more from life.

At that time it was about working hours. Today it’s about the meaning in our work, the happiness we have the right to aspire to.

Instead of going to work and waiting to go home every day, without anything remarkable happening, choose to make your work matter.

You owe it to yourself to do less of this:

  • Being late and complacent
  • Procrastinating
  • Avoiding other coworkers
  • Engaging in office gossip or politics
  • Religiously checking your watch to see if it’s 5 yet
  • Browsing the Internet with no intelligent outcome
  • Refusing to teach others
  • Having the patience to learn something new
  • Stressing yourself until you become unproductive

And more of this:

  • Figure out new ways to solve problems
  • Initiate projects
  • Mentor your younger colleagues
  • Surpass yourself in both results and skills
  • Own up to your career and take control of where it’s heading
  • Balance your work life and your personal life to give it your 100% in either case
  • Find time for yourself
  • Remove all unwanted distractions so that you can focus
  • Concentrate to get maximum results in a better time

Start with this Labor’s Day Happiness Manifesto and make today the first day in consolidating meaning in both your work life and your personal life.