Although there are various kinds of compelling intranet content, the best ones have a few things in common. Anything you produce should, first and foremost, serve a purpose. Creating material just for the sake of it is the worst mistake that many businesses make. 

Poor employee experience is a result of overworking staff with useless or irrelevant information. Employee engagement could drop over time. 

Engaging content also encourages participation. Your intranet is more than just a means for information distribution to your staff members. It is also a multidirectional communication tool that enables you to get employee input and serves as a forum for everyone to communicate. Here are a few ideas to drive employee engagement.

1. Welcoming New Employees

Everyone who joins your company deserves a friendly welcome. Introduce newcomers via your company’s intranet. That way, everyone gets the chance to say welcome. Consider including inventive details and the new employee’s name and job title.

You may also inquire about their preferred hobbies, ice cream flavor, or ideal vacation spot. Anything that makes them feel like part of your team will be helpful.You can create your own client portal using a no-code tool to make things easier. It works great for employees as well. 

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2. Customize Mass Messages

Did you know that you are more likely to connect with content if it is personalized with your name? Experian data shows that when email marketers employ this tactic, their open rates increase by 29% and their engagement rates by 41%.

Try personalizing your next company-wide blast with the first name of each employee. That alone could affect your engagement statistics.

3. Make the Onboarding Procedure Dynamic

Every new hire gets their first experience of working for your company during the onboarding process. In fact, according to statistics, 90% of workers at a new company decide whether to stay or quit within the first six months. Start right with a dynamic onboarding procedure that uses a variety of exciting content from your CMS library.

4. Kickstarting Forum Discussions

Forums are some of the most dynamic forms of content. However, you can’t just start one and expect people to contribute. Encourage employee participation by putting out open-ended questions. Forums can also be used to promote conversation on important topics like diversity and inclusion at the workplace. 

5. Highlighting Top Talent

Some workers are exceptional at exceeding their sales targets. Others stand out as top participants in your online debates. Recognize these people by listing their accomplishments in a special section. They’ll not only feel appreciated for their accomplishments but others might be motivated to up their own game as well.

6. Crowdsource Your Content

You don’t have to create every piece of content on your own. Organize frequent open calls for material from staff. That way, they have opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions to the community. Pick a content subject and offer awards for the best entries to increase engagement.

7. Post-Employment Openings

If workers don’t believe there is room for advancement in the company, they become disenchanted and more inclined to leave. Promote long-term career objectives by announcing openings that staff members can apply for. A job board is an excellent example of content that staff members can interact with.

8. Ask for Suggestions

If you run into any challenges, ask your staff what kinds of material they would want to see more of. Create a quick poll or survey to find out what specific content folks in the organization want. At the same time, keep an eye on analytics to discover what activities employees are most commonly engaged in. 

Looking at the big picture, building your company’s intranet is simply the start of a productive digital workplace. If you hope to keep your employees interested in digital communication channels, you must have a consistent rotation of intranet material. 

However, coming up with unique ideas is not always as easy as it may seem. Take advantage of the above tips to promote employee engagement.