The art of successfully managing a company and its employees can define the success of a company. Work ethic and leadership are just a few components of running a company successfully. Proper management is key to a positive ROI, but also to employee satisfaction and ultimately employee retention.

Whether the employee cites fairness, patience, respect, or open communication as essential components to a good employee-boss relationship, managers must be prepared to cater to each of these areas in order to run a motivated workforce. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 employees would like to leave their jobs, with the majority citing that they have a strained relationship with their supervisor.

In light of this trend in lack of successful employee management, the following infographic created by Pepperdine University highlights various trends and statistics in management. The content provides insight into how to improve company behavior and culture by keeping employees satisfied and motivated. Whether you find yourself on the employee-side or management-side of the organizational spectrum, the better you’re able to understand the factors that make up internal relationships, the more you can work as a cohesive unit while minimizing friction.