Even though social communication is on the rise, email remains a reliable ally for most workplaces and it can be a powerful channel for employee engagement. We recently discussed business transparency practices and how internal communication can drive this transparency, making employees feel empowered, informed and engaged.

A detailed analysis into how internal email campaigns are performing across workplaces revealed that:

  • The average open rate of internal emails across organizations around the world and in multiple industries is 66% with the top performing organizations achieving average open rates of 88%;
  • Open rates in the US average at 69% but the UK falling behind at 66% percent;
  • The UK overtakes the US in click rates with average click rates in the UK at 10% and the US at just 6%;
  • The most engaged industry in terms of open and click rates is the Logistics industry. With an open rate of 76% and a 21% click rate, the industry achieves consistently above average results;
  • Opens per email on mobile devices has increased from 8% in 2011 to 21% today.

This infographic by Newsweaver gives an overview of the internal email trends and best practices in today’s working environments. Take a look:

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Infographic courtesy of Newsweaver, a global company providing innovative email solutions to internal and corporate communicators, gives an overview of the internal email trends and best practice. The information in the infographic is taken from a sample of 1,300 emails sent using Newsweaver Internal Connect to over 3.5 million recipients between October 2014 and October 2015.