How to Help Your Employees Find Their Flow

Finding “flow” is a common phrase used among eccentric tech billionaires, musicians, and world-famous artists. However, discovering one’s flow is not limited to the rich and famous. In fact, it is possible for your employees to find their flow in the workplace to help drastically increase productivity while providing a happy and satisfying environment that offers continuous encouragement and empowerment.

Games and Rewards

Implementing games and rewards into your workplace is highly recommended when you want to motivate employees while helping them find their “flow” to maximize productivity and daily output.

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Creating games in the workplace and offering up rewards to employees provides encouragement while also making the completing of set tasks enjoyable, fun, and even competitive at times. Offering rewards such as paid time off, free lunches or even spa getaways is ideal when you want to maximize participation with all of your employees.


Allow your employees to complete their job using innovative methods and techniques that are most relevant to the tasks at hand. Providing your employees with more flexibility when it comes to problem-solving, organization, and communication is extremely important when you want to prevent employees from feeling overwhelmed or “burnt out” with their jobs.

Using a Document Management Solution

Document management software is an extremely useful tool for companies that require more creativity and flexibility with everyday tasks. Drastically improve document management workflow with the right software dedicated to handling the types of documents you utilize in the workplace each day. Document management software is ideal to help increase productivity while allowing your employees to have more time to spend on jobs and tasks centered around their most valuable skills.

Empower Your Employees

When an employee feels empowered and appreciated, they are much more likely to feel joy when completing their task at hand and job altogether. Praise your employees for jobs well done and share positive remarks regarding the methods used to complete tasks, boosting confidence and encouraging even more of the behavior in the future.

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Help make your employees feel valuable rather than picking out potential issues or focusing on any negative repercussions of how they complete their work, especially in group settings and in front of other individuals you employ.

Allow Flexible Schedules

When you have employees who work mostly on creative projects, designs, or presentations, allow for more flexibility when setting their schedules. Speak directly with your creative employees to determine their favorite times to work and their “best” times to get into a natural creative flow. The more willing you are to listen to your employees, the easier it is to set a working schedule that allows them to deliver the creative results you envision for your company.

Ask employees whether they prefer to work with other members of their team or if they create a better workflow when working solo. While some employees are likely to work best having the option to communicate with teammates, many creative individuals find their flow by working independently and with the option of completing tasks from home or remotely whenever possible. Speak to your employees individually to learn more about their favorite methods of working to help accommodate your teams for each project and work task you assign.

Encourage Flow and Reinforce Positive Behavior

Share encouragement and high praises for employees who are able to find their flow in everyday tasks or assigned creative projects. Encouraging positive behavior allows other employees to feel empowered to think differently and creatively. Speak highly of employees who are “thinking outside of the box” and growing from innovative techniques or even working on their own schedule.

Helping your employees find their “flow” is not a task that is easily achievable overnight, especially when you want to relate to each of your employees individually. With the right tactics and methods of communication, help boost productivity throughout your workplace while allowing your employees to feel complete pride and empowerment in doing their everyday jobs.

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