Organizations have to place a high value on employee engagement since it enables staff members to increase productivity and provide superior customer service.  

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, this technique is also believed to be beneficial to the retention of employees and corporations’ revenues. When employee engagement initiatives are put into place, there is a 223% increase in the amount of customer loyalty and a 26% increase in annual profit. 

Nowadays, keeping employees engaged is increasingly challenging, especially with the rise of remote working, which might make them feel more isolated. Thankfully, the advent of the digital age has made way for the development of various employee engagement tools. 

Employee engagement tools are software programs that help remote workers feel more connected to one another. It offers feedback and acknowledges efforts, all in one convenient spot. If you’re seeking an efficient employee engagement tool for your company, here’s a list of options: 

employee engagement solution
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1. is a cloud-based operating system that manages all sorts of projects and workflows in real-time. It also enables you to work with various teams, allowing you to collaborate with other team members in a matter of clicks. 

The very visual nature of is one of its most prominent characteristics. You may group tasks and statuses by color, allowing you to comprehend them quickly. It is incredibly customizable, as well. You have the option to select colors based on your preferences.  

This employee engagement software also prioritizes transparency by ensuring that every team member is always on the same page. An automatic message informs members of the project’s status, so they know when it’s their turn to contribute. also provides managers with a 360-degree view of all data from your plans and projects by allowing the dashboard to collect and show information in one location. With this, you can efficiently track progress, budget, and workloads. 

2. Proofhub 

Proofhub is another employee engagement solution that operates in the cloud. More than 85,000 teams and enterprises are using it, including big-name corporations like NASA, Google, Netflix, and Nike. 

This employee engagement solution is an award-winning work management and collaboration software. It is a central workspace where team members can exchange files, track timetables, and promote responsibility. 

With this, employees may observe how their work contributes to the overall success of a project. There’s also a “Me” page where you may view a summary of the duties you’ve been assigned, ongoing projects where you’re involved, and updates from team members. 

The incorporation of virtual material discussion tools sets Proofhub distinct from its competitors. Proofhub, in contrast to other programs, allows you to view a file in your browser. You can add comments, alter arrows, and then approve the file using the Approval button at the top rather than downloading it. 

3. Kudos 

Kudos is an employee engagement software that provides feedback and recognizes employees. Employees may celebrate each other’s successes within the software through peer-to-peer acknowledgment. 

Managers may use this tool to communicate with their staff via a mobile app or an attached file and publish notes of praise and appreciation videos. 

The management can also convert the points their employees have earned into incentives, which is another advantage of using this platform. They may provide some monetary compensation, gift certificates, discounts, vouchers, or even free time off to the recipients. 

Aside from the incentive system, Kudos can also give employee experience metrics, allowing you to constantly evaluate your team’s level of engagement. 

4. Bonusly 

Bonusly is the right platform for your company if you want to foster closer ties among your employees. Regarded as one of the best employee engagement apps in 2022, Bonusly helps firms cultivate a workplace filled with individuals who value each other’s hard work.  

This platform allows your employees to reward each other for completing assignments. And it’s up to them to decide what they want to do with their earned points. They can use this in exchange for gift cards, cash, swag, or e-certificates. 

The management may also monitor each department’s incentive system and the prizes each employee receives. With this, it’ll be possible for you to determine where your staff thrive and where they need help.  

Signals, a built-in survey feature on the platform, can also help you obtain feedback from your employees, allowing you to better understand them and their working conditions from their perspective. 

5. Culture Amp 

As an employee-focused platform, Culture Amp greatly values employee satisfaction. The management may utilize this tool’s pre-made questionnaires and action plans to learn more about their personnel. The results of these polls are backed by science, and the platform will use them to develop an effective strategy for increasing user participation and retention.  

Analytics from Culture Amp makes it easy for businesses to discover the causes that drive employees to leave their jobs and take preventative measures. 

Culture Amp places a significant priority on creating learning environments free of negativity. With this platform’s negative feedback management, you can see if your input is positive or constructive, allowing you to make better decisions before sending them out.  

6. Tinypulse 

Tinypulse is an engagement tool designed from the ground up to be highly user-friendly. The software developer saw that there was a significant time lag between the collection of user feedback and the implementation of changes because specific programs were difficult to understand and operate. 

But with Tinypulse, you can deliver a weekly, one-question survey to your staff. Once the program has collected all the answers, it’ll instantly begin analyzing the data. It assists you in rapidly determining which aspects of your engagement management may use some refinement. 

This tool also enables employees to provide feedback while maintaining anonymity, encouraging employees to be candid in their opinions. 

You may then use this as an opportunity to learn more about the crucial components of your personnel management plan that you might have overlooked in the past. 

This program may help you improve employee engagement, but it can also aid you in one-on-one coaching sessions with your staff members. You will be able to assist your employees in improving their performance, ultimately resulting in a more productive workplace and more income for the organization. 


You and your company can keep more of your employees, boost your productivity, and make more money if you use employee engagement tools. And with various options in the market, doing some research is the most effective approach to choosing the software that’s most suited for your company. 

You need to remember that these tools come with an associated cost. Hence, it will be a misuse of resources if you do not utilize your platform to the best of your company’s ability.