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Your roles and responsibilities as an employer increase the day a new talent joins your organization. Now you have one more employee, and you wish to make the most value out of this person’s skills. But before we go gaga about the “good” results, we must ensure a healthy work environment where this person can learn and utilize his/her maximum potential.  That’s where team building plays a vital role. When smartly planned and implemented, team building processes can help in boosting overall employee productivity and retention rates. And in this post, we are addressing the same concerns.

1. Team Building Processes Are Perfect Ice Breakers

When a new employee joins, they may be shy to interact freely with their team members in the beginning.  And this shyness can hinder their productivity and work quality at the same time. Team building processes help break the ice between old and new employees so such barriers can easily fall off. As a result, your employees can be more comfortable, free-minded, and productive at work. No wonder, over 75% of employers agree that collaboration and unity of team members is an important deciding factor for success.


2. Offer More Social Learning Opportunities

Since the beginning of time, we humans have been learning a lot from everything and everyone around us. In fact, the persons that we are today are the products of these experiences and the effortless process of social learning. And guess what? Team building activities will encourage this learning media to help all your old and new employees learn something from each other. For example, if your organization is using smart team-building kits, your team may come across processes where a lot of valuable knowledge and experience transfer will take place. So, all of your employees will get to learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge.

3. Better Learning Leads To Higher Employee Loyalty

Long gone are the times when employee retention and loyalty could be easily bought with more money. This is the age when most candidates wish to have the chance to hone their skills and be a better and more valuable version of themselves, every other day.  And we’re not saying this! Stats report the same. 

94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if the company focused on building a better learning environment.

But this can’t happen while working in a dull team. So, give it a thought. If you wish to keep your talented employees close, make sure you satisfy their professional needs.

4. Keeps The Employees Motivated and Energized

Anyone who ever pushed themselves to work would know how painful it is to do so. And why does this happen? Well, the lack of motivation, interest, and energy are the primary reasons. Going to the root cause, the company that an employee gets in the office can largely influence his/her interest, motivation, and energy. (Yes, socializing is important). However, for a majority of organizations, this is going in the reverse direction as,

Almost 58% of employees say they’d rather trust a stranger over their own boss.

36% of employees are constantly scared and conscious of their actions, wondering what their colleagues might think.

These numbers clearly indicate the unhealthy work culture that many employees have been working and living in for years. Amidst all these issues, a smart team building plan can come as a breath of fresh air, enabling your employees to unlock their highest potential and be more loyal to you. So, think it through and come up with a team building strategy, if you haven’t already.

Final words

Building and maintaining a healthy working environment for your company may not always be easy. Especially when there are new employees on the team, the entire deal becomes a lot more challenging. But, the process is crucial and helps in a number of ways and so we must understand its usefulness. Aiding the same, we shared this blog post.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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